Asheville Mountain Majesty – by Lou Harshaw

Asheville Mountain Majesty by Lou Harshaw

If you are looking for a comprehensive chronological history of Asheville and the surrounding area this is it! Lou Harshaw is a local historian, writer, photographer and a native of Asheville and has many merits to her career such as: Publicity Director of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, professional photographer, and lecturer of several classes from UNCA to Mars Hill University. I had the pleasure of working her personally assisting in teaching classes with her through Mars Hill University and I have never met a more knowledgeable person of the region in which she lives.

The book is broken down into three sections, “The Village, The Town, and The City,” and covers topics from ancient origins up to the present day modern city. This is one of the staples of my personal regional history collection and I would suggest it to newcomers and long-time residents alike. What makes this book unique is that it written through the voice of a life-long resident.

Therefore, with her voice I will close:

It might be that now, the beginning of a new millennium when so many vital decisions are upon us, a backward look should be taken with the idea of enriching what lies ahead. If we wander the pathways of the past, we might indeed discover the bright highways of the future. -Lou Harshaw

You can purchase a copy of the Asheville Mountain Majesty book on Amazon.

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