Asheville, Meet Ashevilla Wines & Try Some! Big Tasting @ Vino Vino on Saturday 2-5pm! Great Social Time

Ashevilla Wines announces its arrival in Asheville! These premium wines are distributed exclusively by Smoky Mts. Wines, headquarter in Asheville.

Ashevilla Wines was founded by George Ibrahim, an Asheville resident for decades and a native of North Carolina. George practiced urology for nearly 15 years before a change in his health forced him to stop operating. Having made beer and wine ever since his days at Davidson College, George turned his attention to his second passion in life, wine.
Borrowing time and space at a friend’s winery near Yadkin Valley, George started making enough wine that he was able to share with others. Their encouragement led him to create enough wine to go commercial, and the Ashevilla label was born. These premium wines are produced with in-state fruit from the Yadkin Valley Appellation region, fermented in state, bottled in state, and distributed in state; thus reducing the carbon footprint that cross country shipping of grapes or juice entails. He is involved in every step of the wine’s production, having recently bottled the 2008 vintage (see photos)
From day one, George focused on using Asheville’s resources and talents in as many aspects as possible. The labels were original works painted by Jeff Pittman, a local artist known by many around the area. The painting for the Chardonel, a relative of the Chardonnay grape that grows better in this area) is a seen in Mills River. The Merlot label depicts a local mountain view seen from an unnamed location in Asheville. See more of Jeff’s paintings by clicking HERE.

The logo was created by Freestyle Creative Group. The reversed “l” in Ashevilla creatively depicts a wine bottle within the name. If you look closely at the two lower case a’s you can make out the shape of the state of North Carolina, further establishing this brand as a truly in-state product.
These wines are coming to retailers and restaurants around town. If you don’t see it in the store or on the menu, ask the proprietor to carry it. These wines as well as other merchandise with the Ashevilla logo can be found at
George invites you to sample the Ashevilla Wines 2008 vintage this Saturday at Vino Vino, located at 178 Weaverville Rd. in North Asheville / Woodfin from 2pm to 5pm.
See some of the photos George has on
*Please enjoy these wines in moderation, and if you plan to travel, please designate a drive.

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