Asheville McDonald’s in Biltmore Village (Biltmore’s Special McD’s)

Quick Video Tour of the McDonalds in the Biltmore area of short South Asheville (about 5 minutes from the center of Downtown). Manager also gives us an update of how they are going to incorporate the new McCafe into the whole picture. McCafe’s are going to start popping up everywhere in and around Asheville North Carolina. Some of them are new construction such as the one on Patton, well… demolition and then new construction; while locations such as Biltmore Village will get some major renovations with a nice McCafe area added.

3 thoughts on “Asheville McDonald’s in Biltmore Village (Biltmore’s Special McD’s)

  1. On April 10th, Belmont Middle School is touring Biltmore Estates.
    Can you accomodate 150 students or would 100 be better?
    Around 2:30 that Wed. afternoon?
    Please advise.
    How long do you think it would take to get 150 through the line?
    Thank you so much for your reply.
    Joan Randolph

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