Why Your Asheville Mattress Is So Important

asheville sleep mattress

When people think about a mattress, sometimes only sleep comes to mind. In actuality, a mattress is a huge part of your life. Think about it. You spend about one-third of your life on your mattress; or one-quarter if you get as little sleep as I do. Nonetheless, it is very important.

asheville mattress rebed

I never thought much about a mattress. It was simply a place to sleep and I did not have an ultra comfortable experience to compare it to. Until one day. I decided to take a leap of faith and purchase a mattress that cost me over a thousand dollars. It was not but a few days and I realized what I had been missing. When it came to where I lay my head, and my tired body… “you get what you pay for” had a whole new meaning to me. Did you know that the right mattress could help you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even… sexually? How many of you have woke up hurting, with a bad attitude, feeling like you were missing something, and unbalanced after you planned on a good night’s sleep? A bad mattress can do that to you. If you do not believe me, try it for yourself. Get a high quality mattress for a month and then try going back to your springboard or foam pad. Impossible! You will never be completely satisfied with the lesser again.

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Now there are plenty of things you can use a mattress for. Sleep is first. All of us have been there where we just want to hit that mattress and get some rest. It could also be a place to escape a noisy or active home. Then there have been plenty of times my mattress has come in handy to get some work done. A nice comfortable spot where I can pull out my laptop or tablet and finish off a project, or catch up on emails. I have woke up, reached over grabbed my laptop, and worked for hours upon hours on many occasions. The right mattress is also a great place to meditate. Unless you have a “quiet room” in your home, the bedroom and a good mattress on your bed is the best choice for peace and solitude. A mattress could also be a great place to play. Although I have caught myself singing “no more monkeys jumpin on the bed” many times to my little ones; this is the original indoor trampoline to us old timers. As long as you have high ceilings, jumping on the bed as an adult can be an really effective form of self therapy. Go ahead and try it!

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And last but not least… have you ever made love on a mattress that sucks? It is a terrible experience. I find myself thinking… “what might have been” if I had a real mattress. Yes, there is a time to use the floor, the couch, the shower, and maybe even the dining room table; but having a wonderful “home sweet home” mattress in your bedroom can definitely contribute to making the magic happen.

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When I walked into ReBed of Asheville, I could not believe my eyes; or the mattress prices. I saw mattresses that would put my expensive mattress to shame, and at a fraction of the cost. I asked Josh what they specialized in and he said that Factory Seconds were his main seller. Being a second may mean that it was a floor model in the store, or that it has a mark on it, or maybe it was simply an overstock item that they decided to move on and out. You can sort of think of this place as the TJ Maxx for mattresses.

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I also found out that they offer Sanitary Resold mattresses which means they have taken a used mattress and re-sanitized it for resale. As a matter of fact, they are the only place that is State Licensed by the Department of Agriculture this side of Charlotte. With ReBed’s recycling efforts, they have kept over 5000 mattresses out of the landfill last year, and even more this year. That is an amazing work for the environment. Either way, if you are in the market for a mattress, or just realized that you should be; you need to start your search at ReBed and see the great selection they have!

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