The Beaucatcher, a Re-Envisioned Boutique Motel in Asheville NC

The Beaucatcher Boutique Motel in Asheville NC

Recently, The Beaucatcher Boutique Motel in Asheville re-opened under new ownership and with a new look. Owner, Shradha Patel, set out to re-imagine the family-owned and operated motel, The Blue Ridge Motor Lodge. For over 30 years, Patel’s family proudly worked in the hotel industry in Asheville. After Patel’s father passed away in 2014, she decided to take on the family’s work.  Reflects Patel, “With the increasingly corporate nature of the hospitality industry in Asheville, I thought it was important that a small, local business not only stay alive, but also keep up with the growing demand for quality tourism services.”

To realize her vision, Shradha oversaw significant renovations to the existing building. These renovations transformed the expansive, multi-building complex into a smaller, more intimate boutique motel. The changes have created a more modern and aesthetically-pleasing experience for guests and visiting motorists, while still paying homage to the geography and tradition of the area.

Courtyard at The Beaucatcher Boutique Motel in Asheville

The motel now offers a complimentary breakfast bar, a desk concierge service run by staff members with deep roots in community, and a beautiful exterior courtyard for guests to enjoy. The Beaucatcher is proud to partner with Pennycup Coffee as its coffee bean provider. Patel hopes to forge new partnerships with local vendors as The Beaucatcher grows, along with offering a limited bar service featuring local brews.

The Beaucatcher provides a unique and personalized accommodation experience for guests. The guest experience was designed to reflect the thriving and diverse personality of the local small business community. In the words of Patel, “when you think about what Asheville is–and hopefully will continue to be–it’s an eclectic, artistic, unique, and independent place. Tourists come to experience goods and services that are crafted locally from food, drink, performances, to souvenirs. I want to provide this locally crafted option for visitors who want a more homegrown, intimate experience with their accommodations as well.”

Sleeping Inn?

West Asheville Hotels Sleep Inn

After months of not seeing my sister we both spent an affordable night at Sleep Inn in West Asheville, five minutes from Haywood Road, and 15 minutes from downtown Asheville. We stayed on the third floor with a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and two beds… so we had plenty of room to sprawl out on comfortable beds (agreed by us both). The hotel has a nice appearance, inside  and out, and I respected the overall cleanliness.

comfortable beds sleep inn asheville


I surprised my sister with wine that I picked up from Hops & Vines. She loved it so much she ended up taking the rest of it with her when she left. For dinner we had delicious sushi from Zen Sushi, on Merrimon Avenue, conveniently delivered by Valet Gourmet. We ordered the Godzilla Roll, Spicy Crunchy Kani Roll, Yellowtail Scallion Roll, Salmon Avocado Roll and extra ginger. The sushi was great even though the rolls kept breaking apart so easily, but we still enjoyed the food thoroughly.

zen sushi asheville merrimon avenue

We didn’t go out and paint the town red because we had more interest in relaxing with each other and spending time alone. Quality time with my sister has become more important to me because we do not get as much time together nowadays as we had growing up. So we just spent most of the night catching up, talking and laughing. We ended our night early and woke to the beautiful sunshine over the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the end, all of it made an exciting getaway night for the both of us. When we get another chance for some time like this, we will keep Sleep Inn in high consideration.

blue ridge mountains at sleep inn west asheville


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Stranded in the Snow in Downtown Asheville

Everyone was waiting in anticipation for the Asheville snow to start. It came, then stopped, then started again, then stopped, then finally the snowgates opened and we ended up with about 7 inches in downtown Asheville. At our properties in Weaverville, we received around 4 inches of snow. Getting stranded in downtown Asheville is really not that bad compared to being stuck in some out the outlying areas and towns nearby. During the Blizzard of ’93, my mom and dad were stuck on top of a mountain all the way down Reems Creek. Luckily, the storm did not do too much damage, but it will still take the area a few days to recoup and get back in the groove. 

The snow started falling on Pritchard Park, which prompted this winter wonderland photo. The Weinhaus was serving Foothills Brewing Sexual Chocolate, and Highland Brewing Cold Mountain. The snowy evening was perfect.

Wall Street in downtown Asheville looked so beautiful in the snow! A crew of us walked about, took photos and spent some time at Isa’s Bistro warming up with a few drinks.

We also too this beautiful photo of College Street, with the snow steadily coming down.


It was like a snow oasis, until we spotted this hotel. Through the storm, it was a beacon of light for us. Ahhh, The Hotel Indigo!

hotel indigo asheville

After getting settled in at the Indigo, their concierge team loaded us up with food and craft brews. We were then ready to get snowed in some more.

asheville lady jaguars

We wandered out, stopped by the snowball fight, listened to some dubstep at Timo’s with friends, then plugged our own tunes into the system and had a snow party at the Vault, played pool and jukeboxed at the Bier Garden, and got to hang with one of Asheville’s Lady Jaguars. Stranded in the Snow ended up being a lot of fun!

Aloft Hotel Asheville coming soon! August 2012

Almost Complete!!! The Aloft Hotel is estimated to be about 63,521 square feet and it will feature 115 loft-style rooms and that is including four beautiful suites, with a contemporary atmosphere, along with lots of unique amenities, including the W xyz® bar, dining area with an outdoor deck that overlooks Biltmore Avenue, a Starbucks® coffee bar and breakfast shop, a gorgeous 3rd floor outdoor pool deck, cabanas and a full bar that overlooks the surrounding Western North Carolina mountains. There will also be a huge art collection featuring local artists from the Asheville area. The Aloft Hotel will also feature a restaurant and 6000 square feet of retail space facing Biltmore Avenue. A new City of Asheville parking garage will also be included. WOW!

According to the Starwood Hotels website, Aloft opens August 23, and taking reservations September 27.

Some questions people are asking on Facebook:

My wife and I love the Aloft hotels. We are going to be in Asheville mid July, any chance you will be open??

Hi Michael, right now we are shooting for early August, but we will keep you posted if that date changes! Thanks! via

Hi Aloft! Will your pool be accessible to people that are not staying with you? Maybe offering a pool membership to purchase?

No answer as of yet from

So a recap: 115 Rooms, including 4 Suites, 6,000 square feet Retail, Mixed-Use Urban Project, Hotel, Retail, Residential & City Parking Deck.

New website is looking great (screenshot of the website above, top photo) and I cannot wait to stay there, take a swim and experience everything this place has to offer. This will be the closest thing to a contemporary, luxury beach resort in downtown Asheville! Somebody say YEAH!!! Ok, I just did.

Hotel Indigo Asheville gets a ConnectMe QR Code

The Hotel Indigo in Asheville is a premier boutique building with a bar and restaurant on the main level, rooms on several levels above, and condos on the upper levels. In a campaign to keep up and ahead of the ever changing advances in technology; the Hotel Indigo has signed up with ConnectMe QR.

QR Codes are the talk of the town around Asheville and ConnectMe QR has delivered! Here is the official QR Code for the Hotel Indigo in downtown AVL. Go ahead and scan the code below. You can also see