Asheville Knives to Change Women’s Lives

Knives to Change Women's Lives

Host: Ryan Griffith and Jason Parker on Sat Jul 18 from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm at Venue: Ryan's House– 164 Laurel Loop, Asheville 28806

Contact Info: 9194528048

Poverty is complex and dynamic and requires local and national solutions in order to eliminate it. More and more national, regional, and local communities are committed to doing just that; and you can be part of that national movement. People do not want to be poor.

One solution, working in 41 communities nationwide, is the CIRCLES OF SUPPORT Initiative, let by Move the Mountain Leadership Center. Circles seeks to end poverty by bridging the gaps between classes and the hidden rules of class. By building reciprocal relationships across class boundaries, we are able to slowly move towards a common solution, where self-sufficiency can be achieved by all in a community.

Adams County Circles of Support, a generative self-sufficiency attainment program, just finished its second complete year with incredible results. The pilot program saw a 33% earned income increase in just one year and almost a full 50% increase over two years.

Please join us for KNIVES TO CHANGE WOMEN'S LIVES, hosted in Asheville, to support the expansion of Adam's County's Circles of Support program. Hosted by a trained CUTCO representative, with any and all proceeds donated directly to Adams County's Circles Program.

We're campaigning to raise direct and indirect funds, but your attendance is not a commitment to donate ANYTHING. Please understand that your support is, by itself, an incredibly meaningful contribution. But I guarantee that you'll want to be present for the announcement of the CUTCO for CIRCLES Campaign! In addition to the joy of the event, there are multiple prizes available just for attending the event, ranging from a crisp new $10 bill to an incredibly high tech CUTCO kitchen gadget.

For more information regarding CIRCLES of SUPPORT, please contact Jason Parker at or by messaging him on facebook. For questions regarding the event itself, or how you could help contribute in advance, please contact Ryan Griffith at 717.215.7541.

With your help, we'll be able to meet our high goals of raising over $1,000 and $4,500 worth of CUTCO for the single mothers of CIRCLES of SUPPORT!

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