Beautiful Photos of “The Cut” in Asheville by YeKaterina

asheville the cut

While browsing Facebook, I came across a beautiful photo of “The Cut” in Asheville; a place where many folks go to hang out and overlook the City. I most commonly see people on Twitter asking “Where is The Cut?” and “How do I get to “The Cut?” Nobody knows lol. Actually there are several places that could be considered “The Cut” around town that feature incredible views of Asheville North Carolina. But YeKaterina was there recently and then shared these photos with us:

the cut in asheville

Here is another similar angle from “The Cut”

asheville cut at night

And finally, a night shot from “The Cut”

Asheville has so many great spots to take photos! If you have directions to any spots such as this, comment below and let us know how to get there!


We live in the technological age where everything is cutting edge and fast paced.  Everything we do seems to be a part of some virtual quilt, with squares made of software, chips, and other small metal things I don’t understand.  Sometimes I long for a purity, a breath in of a simpler time.  I want to go to a place that still smells like the sweat on a farmers brow, or fresh dust from a hand saw.  I want to be part of nature…kind of.  Who am I kidding?  I’m a generation X-er.  Where can I get just a small taste?

My husband actually found that place for me in one his best romantic gestures yet…a horse and carriage ride through downtown Asheville.  I was in awe when I saw the quaint carriage pull up beside me, led by the beautiful horse, Gypsy Gold.  They’d just put the Christmas lights out downtown, and the air was just crisp enough to be comfortably cozy.  I could hear the faint heartbeat of the drum circle in the distance, but was more romanticized by the sax player on the corner cranking out his bluesy rendition of “Winter Wonderland.”

When the horseman helped me on board, my husband handed me a rose and wrapped me in a blanket.  I felt like Cinderella being swept away for a romantic evening, and could feel the other women on the street looking my way.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it. 

As we took off, I took note of the antiquated clip-clop of Gypsy’s shoes against the pavement.  This only grew more charming when he pranced over the cobblestone on Wall Street.  I could smell his horsey musk, but not too much, and could hear the gentle creaking of the wooden carriage.  However, the mixed aromas of Asheville restaurants permeating into the evening air reminded me I was still in our artsy civilization.  I was viewing these 19th and early 20th century buildings from the transportation they were first seen from, getting a taste of what once was.  However, I noted the modern hustle and bustle they were now pregnant with…oh what a yummy juxtaposition our Asheville is.

The three quarters of an hour spent on the horse was perfect.  It was cozy, romantic, historical, and yet the perfect ambassador of modern-day Asheville.  It’s a must-see attraction for locals and tourists alike.  Sometimes experiencing old and new together is the best way to do it.  This tour is  a home-run, and reflective of the adorable horse’s name.  This tour is simply gold…nice, slow, easy, gold.

On the Carriage!

On the Carriage!



For more information on this tour visit


Official Asheville Picture Point #5, Asheville Kissing Point #5

Asheville is full of little surprises all over the City streets and sidewalks! Here is a monument that I had called “Asheville’s Liberty Bell” for years. This is Asheville’s Kissing Point #5! Take your picture at this point and name it “Me @ Asheville Photo Point #5”.

This historic bell is similar to the one that hung in the 1892 City Hall that stood on the East end of Pack Square in Asheville North Carolina. The granite circles at the base of the bell represent bollards and are in the shape of the octagonal City Hall belfry. Information supplied Sarah Meyer from the Asheville Area Arts Council and taken from the “Urban Trail” brochure.
The Asheville Bell is located on the corner of College Street and North Market Street in Downtown Asheville. Many historic buildings in this area as this is the Centerpiece of the City. You can look across the street from here and see the Jackson Building (one of my favorite taller buildings) and it has Sisters McMullen bakery on the very lower level. And, you can look down N. Market Street and find a few Asheville restaurants including Vincenzo’s and Magnolia’s. If you were to walk straight ahead, you would also see Fiore’s Ristorante Toscana (the Asheville Italian Restaurant that we Loveeee!) on the left. Arcenio runs a great lunch and dinner spot here, and we have always enjoyed that second level exposed seating area upstairs. Anthony is the Manager at Fiore’s and you can visit them by going to

Official Asheville Photo Point #4, Asheville Kissing Point #4 –

Our Asheville Picture Point #4 is one of the Urban Trail stops. Asheville’s Urban Trail was started in 1991 and is a great walk through Asheville’s history. We talked to Jenny over at the Asheville Community Theatre and she mentioned the sounds you hear as you spin the record on this Asheville monument. Great Asheville Kissing Point!

You can see ACT in the backround and there are so many theatrical events going on there all of the time. My friends attend these events regularly. 35below is in the rear of the ACT building and they are committed to supporting works by local playwrights through full productions, staged readings, or developmental workshops. Behind me is one of Asheville’s main nightclubs called “Magnolia’s”, which is also a restaurant. Mellow Mushroom Pizza is right down the street to the left. There is a bunch of Asheville Attorney offices down this street including the law offices of Jack Stewart, who is one of the “best” in the area. Many more little shops all over this great spot in downtown Asheville.

Take a pic here at Asheville Picture Point #4 and name it “ME! @ Asheville Pic Point #4!”.

Official Asheville Pic Point #3, Asheville Photo/Kissing Point #3

In front of Malaprop’s Bookstore on Haywood Street in Downtown Asheville is where you will find Asheville Picture Point #3. It is a metal art sculpture of 3 women walking a dog and shopping.

You can take your picture at this photo point and name it “Asheville Kissing or Pic Point #3”.

Plenty of really great businesses surround Asheville’s Pic Point 3, including Malaprop’s (which is the most popular non-chain bookstore in Western North Carolina), the Haywood Park Hotel across the street, Souper Sandwich and the Bier Garden across the street, Mobilia Contemporary Furniture of Asheville to the left, Constance Women’s Boutique and the Asheville Public Library right up the street, Sensibilities Spa, Zambra’s Restaurant (Hector’s Creation!), Studio Chavarria (Asheville’s Premier Hair by Guadalupe himself), and a small line of other businesses right down in the lower rear in the alley behind Malaprop’s Bookstore.