Asheville Kids Can Yoga, Too!

The rockin’ Asheville yoga scene, unlike the rockin’ craft beer scene, is not limited to the adults of the community. Children can find many benefits from age appropriate Kids Yoga classes including body awareness, self-confidence, stress relief and a sense of community and support.

Kids yoga classes are less centered on twisting little bodies into contortionist-like positions, and more on providing a space for children to safely explore their body, their emotions and their natural state of playful creativity.

Kids Yoga Classes In Asheville

My kids are super excited to be participating in the upcoming Kids Yoga series hosted by Bikram Yoga Asheville. It is a 6 week series for ages 4-10 and it starts this Saturday September 11, 2010. The 90 minute sessions include: yoga, creative movement, free play, fun meditations and games and will be held in the Yoga Lounge next door to the studio (the kids classes are not in the hot room).

One of the really great things about this series is that it is held during the same time as the adult class. So, you can go to your Bikram Yoga class for some “you time” (a must for all parents, right?) while your kids go to their own class.

The price is just $49 for the 6 week session ($29 for siblings). Visit Bikram Yoga Asheville’s website for more information or to contact the studio.

Kids Yoga Classes are also offered at the following facilities in the Asheville area:

YMCA of Western North Carolina

The Asheville Yoga Center

West Asheville Yoga

See you and your little ones on the mat soon!!


Written by Lindsay Fields, a local yoga instructor, blogger and mommy of two little yogis. To find out more about Lindsay, her classes and services or to contact her for more information about this post, visit her website.

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