Help Us Create Jobs in Asheville & WNC -via Terry Bellamy

Newsletter sent out today from Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy for Congress

There are a lot of issues facing our nation right now, but none are more important than creating jobs and reenergizing our economy. No one knows that better than me. I’ve seen this recession first hand as Mayor of Asheville and I know the toll it’s taken on thousands of middle-class families right here in Western North Carolina.

But I know that we can overcome anything as a nation if we work together – and while Washington may have forgotten that, we never will. That’s why I’m excited to announce a brand-new project as part of our campaign that will help us come together as a local community to create good jobs.

Today, we’ve launched – a new website where community leaders, small-business owners, and middle-class families can share ideas to create jobs. Submit your idea here!

It might be as simple as building a bridge that helps your local community; or it might be as complex as rewriting our tax code. No matter the idea I want to hear it, and I want you to share it on our new website.

I know our local government in Asheville functions best when people of all political persuasions are working together to solve the issues we face. That’s how we have been able to balance the budget without killing key services that are vital to the local community. It’s how we have attracted new companies to invest in our city and create jobs. It’s how we have kept middle-class taxes low.

Right now, we need leaders in Washington who understand how to build unity and are actually interested in getting something done. I believe that is one of the key differences between myself and Congressman McHenry.

Share your ideas to create jobs in North Carolina here and help us get our economy going again:


MAIN FM opportunities in Asheville

Since 1996, MAIN has operated as an Internet Service provider serving a multi-county region of WNC.  This ISP operation provides broadband Internet access via wireless technologies, web-hosting services catering to local residents, small non-profits, and local govt. agencies.

MAIN also has a low – power FM radio station (103.5 FM) or on line stream (  which offers news, syndicated commentaries, local host programs (music, arts & cultural programs and local discussions of  issues)  and emergency updates. MAIN is one of the oldest community networks, and is in the forefront of policy advocacy for broadband equity in rural and low-income communities.

Specific MAIN  Volunteer Opportunities:

Retired or Semi-retired  business executives to assess organization’s business practices

Retired or Semi-retired professionals with experience in operation assessment and oversight  who would be able to spend time at the business office on Wall Street 

Retired or Semi-retired accountants advising in accounting and billing procedures

Past experience with broadcast engineering/operations for the radio station on Haywood St  & 

Program Producers – 30 and 60 minute radio show slots  – community issues, music, Eco/environmental topics, other ??? If any of this  strikes a chord with you . . . Call Carol Anders –  686-1380 / email

Thanks to BlainesWorld for this information

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Asheville.. 2010 TEDx Teams Need PAID Videography Help and Volunteers

TEDX is coming to Asheville North Carolina and needs volunteer help in the following areas: Stage Direction, Marketing, Writing, Publicity, Outreach to 12-18 year-olds, Social Media/Blogging, Overflow Venue Management, Technical, Speaker Selection, Performers/Product Demos/Video, House, Hospitality, Website, Accounting, New Media/Social Media, Graphic Design

Sponsored by the TED conference but independently organized by local people, TEDxAsheville returns in 2010 after rave reviews and a sold-out show last summer at the Orange Peel. And it returns with double the fun: 2010 marks the debut of TEDxNextGenerationAsheville, a new event where young people present visions, passions and ideas for the future to an audience ready to be inspired.

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