Asheville is FunkyVille USA. Keep it Funky!!

Funky is a term that Asheville kind of re-invented. You cannot walk around this town for more than a minute without seeing something weird, questionable or funky. So this couple comes up with the name “FunkyVille USA” as their way to describe the Asheville NC community.

Maybe it is the great diversity of people who make Asheville so funky. Put that together with great beer, a church every mile, an incredible food scene, the faithful hood, local politicians, the artisans, our happy-go-lucky swingers club, the press mafia, our hippie residents, the musicians, our visiting tourists… and YES, this is FunkyVille USA!

FunkyVille USA offers T-Shirts, Stickers and Beer Mugs as a great reminder of your funky times in Asheville North Carolina. Keep it Funky!!

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