Asheville Hosts a Mountain Mardi Gras and You’re Invited

Asheville, NC – January 6th 2012 marks the beginning of Asheville’s annual Mardi Gras Season, beginning with Twelfth Night on January 6th and culminating at the Mardi Gras Parade and Ball on Bacchus Sunday (February 19th). Each year Asheville’s Mardi Gras celebrations have grown and evolved as more artists, expatriate, costumers, musicians and onlookers gather to celebrate this historic mid-winter tradition… Asheville style. Asheville has become the region’s hot spot for Mardi Gras festivities and with a newly established non-profit status, we plan to continue that growth along with the support of the community.

This year’s events will include a Twelfth Night celebration at MoDaddy’s on Friday, January 6th where the King and Queen will be crowned and the Mardi Gras season is officially kicked off. The annual Cajun Cookoff / Art & Oddities Auction will be held Saturday, January 21st. All food entries are welcomed and prizes will be awarded to the best of the best Cajun cooks. The Mardi Gras Parade is on Bacchus Sunday, February 19th in the streets of Asheville. The Ball, following the parade, will be held at Pack’s Tavern’s Century Room and will include a performance by the Snake Oil Medicine Show. As always, the parade and ball are family friendly, free and open to the public.

Asheville’s Mardi Gras is a grassroots organization and without the help and support of the community, these events could not happen. If you would like to learn more about these events or about getting involved by becoming a member or volunteering, please visit, The Costume Shoppe on Lexington Ave., or join our Facebook groups page. What ever role you decide to play, we look forward to seeing you at the opening ceremonies during Twelfth Night.

One thought on “Asheville Hosts a Mountain Mardi Gras and You’re Invited

  1. I would like to offer music for the events this year. Live band playing fun, authentic New orleans and Zydeco music. I will donate my performance……828 301 3944

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