Asheville Home Energy Partners

The building scientists of Home Energy Partners are dedicated to making a difference. Our mission is to improve the quality of buildings with respect to health, safety, efficiency, and durability. We achieve this through the analysis and implementation of building science principles in the process of new construction, as well as existing structures.

We work with the most demanding architects and the highest quality builders whose clients recognize the value of sustainable approaches to living and desire the comfort and security of living in high performance houses. We offer the guidance, expertise and know-how that are required to deliver a truly high-performance home every time.

We help homeowners make the hard choices on repairs and improvements by providing solutions with fact-based, no-nonsense cost/benefit analysis on how they can make their homes healthier and more efficient. From insulation and crawlspace moisture solutions, to carbon monoxide testing and HVAC and combustion equipment tune-ups, we deliver a process that leaves you with the best performing home possible.

Whether you are considering building, are ready to start construction or own a wonderful older home, Home Energy Partners can help you live more comfortably, in a healthier environment that saves you money on your utility bills.

To find out more about your new home project or existing home, contact Home Energy Partners at 167 Haywood Road in Asheville, or (828) 350-1155, or by email:

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