Asheville Home Building & Real Estate Newsletter Intro!

So, Asheville Realtors and Home Builders are finally trying to get hip onto the New Media ways of today. I know how hard it is! It is kinda like when the election campaign started, this whole transition of Social Media just kicked into gear, almost out nowhere. Suddenly newspapers are going out of business, radio listeners went online, and classifieds went to Craigslist. If you want to attempt to learn a little about the change, you should read “The Starfish and The Spider” a few times. It explains a lot of how this new world of communications works. It shows the power of Networking and how networks can destroy the powerful “Spider” organizations much like the ones many of us know or are a part of today.

I am going to have a few tips to show you about Twitter, Blogging, Social Networking, Videos, Photos… and how they can really help you. G Social Media (based in Asheville) also has put a lot of info to help people get started in Social Media on the Asheville Home Builders network site.

Of course, if you wanted someone to set up all of your main Social Media platforms, G Social Media is the way to go. He custom builds all of your sites according to your niche, whether you are a Home Builder, Realtor, Subcontrator or not even in the industry. Any business can profit from making and building relations. If you are looking for Fans, Friends, Followers, Leads, Connections, Suppliers, Clients… G Social is the connection you need!

Taken from the ABandRE Monthly Newsletter

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