Asheville Home Builders – Custom Homes and Real Estate for less

Asheville Home Builders are going through a rough time for the most part and business is slow, but Asheville Building and Real Estate is getting ready to launch their new “Design Your Own Home, Choose The Subcontractors and Create Your Own Home Price” to the Western North Carolina area.

This program goes perfect with the current market condition we are in. People want to save or at least use their money very wisely. Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) can make a big difference in today’s economy. ABandRE has a great program where you choose or design your own home from scratch with the exact building materials you pick, they compile a the bids to complete this project, you review the bids and pricing with them, you make the decision on which bids to accept, and you declare you final home price! Wonderful. I know several people that are getting ready to bid their home out with this program. It is a great incentive to build. Once the price is finalized, the General Contractors overhead is determined exactly by a percentage. No hidden costs, everything on the table, and big savings are sure to occur.

Sometimes you deal with Builders who have a set amount of how much they are going to make off of a project and any savings at all, even on top of that, go into their pocket. Then you have some Builders who get a pre-appraisal of sorts and then charge that “appraised amount” even if it cost them half of that amount to build it. This is not right whether the market is good or bad. The equity should go into your pocket. (Thank you to the home builders that do price their project fair and correctly). Here is an escape from that type of business, and an open door to good business with full disclosure. I love it! I will have my new house this year!

For more information, please visit and click on the Request Info button on the top left. Find out how much your home will really cost you and how much you can save in the process.

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