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Wanted to share this photo slideshow of the site that Asheville Contractors and Subcontractors has put up. They are not the “Asheville Home Builders Association” but many members have made a wise decision by choosing to promo themselves on this website that is alive. It is weird how people struggle, get a website up, and it does them no good. Their are so many other things than just “having a website”. Code, content, tags, titles and thousands of other things you can do to make your site rise and be recognized. No, it is not $49.95 to submit your site to thousands of search engines because you have to be very careful with that too.

If you are in Construction, Home Building, or Real Estate in Asheville North Carolina… Check out this new site that allows you the freedom to Create Your Own Webpage with a few quick clicks, add links to your main website or sites if you have some, and keep updated information about you and your company in front of the public at all times. All this is free. They have their blog fed, so anything you post goes around the world in like 30 minutes or less (just like our site), and it is just such a great “Open Information Network” here in Asheville North Carolina. Construction will never be the same!

From what I have heard, Asheville Framing and Asheville Custom Home Builders were putting the site together for some co-op marketing, and they decided to pass it to ABandRE to open it up to everyone. Love the attitude!

To visit the Asheville Home Builders & Construction website, click HERE!

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