Asheville has great water; doesn’t it?

Are you thankful for that daily hot shower, or drink of cold clean water whenever you want one? I couldn’t imagine life without these simple everyday things that we take for granted. 

It’s important that we take time, even during what we see as “hard times” to be thankful for the luxuries and conveniences we have. There is almost one billion people living everyday without what we expect to have as US citizens.

Here’s a reality check for ya; the problem of poor sanitation and lack of safe water is closer to home than you may want to believe. Indeed you don’t have to look very far in our own community to discover what is often overlooked. It could be as close as your neighbor, coworker or the school friend your child plays with everyday. There are citizens in our community that suffer the burdens of unsafe water; and many of them don’t even know their at risk. Did you know that Madison County in North Carolina has the highest rate per capita of “strait piped sewers” in the nation? “Strait piped” means strait from the toilet to the nearest creek, river or lake! Make you wonder whats in your water? 

Sometimes the simplest actions have the most profound impact towards improving situations that need improving. You can do something, for free, to help save millions of lives each year. Petition our government to make clean water and sanitation for everyone a priority.

If you do only this one thing; you will have done something useful and important to help bring others the luxury you take for granted at the twist of a faucet handle. Statistics published by UNICEF show that 1.5 million children die each year from unsafe water! Please help make a difference. 

By the way did I mention that it doesn’t cost anything?
Yeah I think I did; just wanted to be sure you got that part.

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