Asheville Hallmark in the Asheville Mall

Some talking gift bag. Cashier was trying to sell the last one so she could stop hearing it all day.

Stopped by the Hallmark yesterday to grab a “Baby’s First Christmas” tree ornament for some friends, and they only had one more. I grabbed it quickly. Hallmark has almost anything you need when it comes to a quick gift and card. Of course Greeting Cards are their main focus, and those are great memories if used wisely. I love when people put life into their greeting cards. My Aunt used to always write a little paragraph on what I mean to her and why she thought this gift was appropriate. I know, I was spoiled… but you need to use that empty space on those cards and give the ones you love something to read and read again one day if necessary. I know I have several cards that people have given me over the years that help me so much. I read over them and simply remember love, peace, and friendship… and reach out for it once again.

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