Asheville Hacky Sack Anyone?

The Asheville Hacky Sack Club has just come out of hibernation recently and invites all who wish (with some restrictions, lol) to come and join in. Meet at Pritchard Park in Downtown Asheville on Saturdays, as soon as it gets warm, which will be earlier every week (hopefully). Also saw them out there last night (Friday Evening) kicking the sack around for a few… getting ready for the main event Today! Just tell them that “Ask Asheville” told you to show, and they will know. Thanks.

5 thoughts on “Asheville Hacky Sack Anyone?

  1. Sweet deal! I was there a year ago and there was no one to hack with. Glad to see you guys are reviving the scene. Rawk on 🙂

  2. Actually, we’re out there every friday to kick during the drum circle, usually around 4 or 5pm. And we’ll show up just about any day with warm weather and sunshine around the same hours.

  3. Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know that we're having Footbag Night out here in Kannapolis at Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium, home of the Kannapolis Intimidators, a minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. The official sponsor of the night will be Flying Clipper who is also the sponsor for the 2009 World Footbag Championships in Berlin. They gave us some dirtbags to hand out throughout the game, and we were hoping you guys would like to come out. We will designate a corner of the stadium for you guys to hack all night. If there is a large enough group let me know and I can get you discounted rates on tickets. Contact me at (704) 932-3267, and my name is Heath Dickes. From the looks of the video you guys could put on a pretty tight demonstration for us out here.

  4. I’m moving to Asheville in December. I’m a freestyle kicker and would love to kick with anyone who’d like to play. Post here or do a search for my name and footbag and you should be able to find me. Cheers,


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