Asheville Green Friendly Design Choices

For the last several years I have participated in classes and seminars on the green building movement in Asheville, WNC and NC to educate myself about the products and methods used to create a “green home”. One consistent theme of these green informative seminars has been that not one singular element can make a home or project become “green,” but rather a series of selections and choices focusing and working in unison with the global picture in mind. The concept is to always consider the impact on the environment and people when you make choices. How long will your product last and how does it impact our earth when its shelf life is over? Classes discuss phrases like “sustainable design” and “crib to cradle” all green ideas that make recommendations on how to make these choices. We now have several agencies in Asheville and beyond that regulate the Green Building Industry and programs that help builders and homeowners make choices when building to make their home more green friendly. You can even hire green designers or consultants and green certified builders and eco-realtors.

Many of the choices and changes that can make your home “green” start long before you purchase the first 2×4. Most of them are not even associated with the flashy green eco-friendly logos because they are design related not product related: preparation of the site, how you locate the building to maximize the sun exposure, managing storm water run-off, creating a natural backyard habitat that keeps or benefits wildlife, designing multi-purpose rooms so the footprint of the home can be smaller, lower ceiling heights so you aren’t heating a 12 foot or vaulted ceiling, and managing moisture in the crawlspace. These are all design features that affect the ability of your home in Asheville, Western North Carolina or Worldwide to be eco-friendly.

Of course, the most attention in the marketplace goes to the green products. Almost every item in a home now has a standard and a green friendly choice, many of which will “pocket book you” right away. Premium prices are found for items that are labeled green. Sometimes the upgrade charge is minimal but sometimes it is up to 40 percent more. Be cautious and do research to see what makes them green and is that a value for you and your family. You should also ask yourself when considering the various choices “What is green to me”? Do I want a low impact home? Do I want to conserve energy and lower my energy bills? Do I need a cleaner air environment for a special allergy related reason? Am I looking for tax-incentives? Do I want to have my home certified as a HealthyBuilt or LEED home in Asheville NC or elsewhere? Many other green options are available like solar, geothermal, rain water collection and barrels, recycled materials and reclaimed materials.

More Space Place Asheville helps with creating a more efficient greener home in several ways. By nature our space saving products allows areas of the home to be multi-purpose and more efficient allowing for a smaller footprint of the house. Amanda’s closet designs create a maximum efficiency of the space provided. Our standard melamine and wood products are EPP certified because they are a recycled content board. They have a Low-VOC rating that exceeds the current California standards for Formaldehyde emissions. We also have available a no-urea formaldehyde added product for special order. We are members of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council and Asheville Home Builders Association. We have custom closets installed in many of the healthy built homes and several LEED certified homes in the WNC area.

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