Asheville Green Drinks – Forest Majesty: A Presentation by the American Chestnut Foundation 1/19/11

Forest Majesty: A Presentation by the American Chestnut Foundation
Wednesday, January 19 2011,
Socializing: 6:30 pm Presentation: 7:00 pm

Posana, 1 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC

Early in the 20th century, the chestnut blight disease virtually eliminated the American chestnut tree from its natural range in the eastern US. Its loss was a huge blow to the Southern Appalachian forest ecosystem. Now, after more than a decade of work, the American Chestnut Foundation is close to producing a tree that is almost genetically identical to the former American chestnut, but which carries the genes that provide resistance to the chestnut blight. Sarah Spooner of the American Chestnut Foundation will speak at Posana Restaurant on Pack Place about what the American chestnut tree once was, what it can be once again, and how we can help. Come hear the grand story of the American chestnut tree and learn how we might play an important role in the next chapter. The return of the chestnut tree would have a huge positive impact on the mountain forest and all the beings, including ourselves, who inhabit it. But, even though the technical scientific work may be nearly completed, it will still require a massive effort on our part to bring the tree back to the wild. This presentation is brought to you by Asheville Green Drinks and Transition Asheville.

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