Asheville Framing & Building

Having worked very closely with Asheville Framing… seeing their vision, looking at their work, and talking to their crew; I believe this company is a keeper. Mr. Ben Flynn, who is one of the owners, acts as the PM (Project Manager) and works with the Job Lead to make sure any work is completed properly, time schedules are met, and budgets come in under.

A framing crew holds a lot of responsibility. They are the ones that are actually literally building your home or completing your project. Yes, the General Contractor is in charge; but how much easier would it be to have the right framing crew build the skeleton / superstructure of your prized possession? Many times builders go out of their way to get the lowest price possible on building the most important part of the home. When this happens, you are faced with low quality workmanship… and the punch list (things that need to be redone or repaired) grows. Hooking up with the wrong Asheville Home Builder can leave your new home actually looking like a remodel when everything is said and done. This is not good.

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