Asheville Framing Asks Asheville Commercial Contractor for Resolution ASAP

Asheville Framing and Building has had a lot of problems with getting paid lately and has just requested a serious remedy and resolution. Please continue to keep AFB in mind as what they had planned on being their best year yet has turned into a nightmare (of many nights). AFB has always strongly supported the Asheville community and Worldwide Internet community. They have a company out of San Diego who was prepping their next market approach and some connections in NYC that are planning on assisting them in several other areas. But home base in Asheville is beating them up. They assisted in getting started, so many of your local companies and people have benefited from their backround work and the many seeds they have planted. Not to mention all of their local supporters and friends… that are well needed in this time of crisis. Thank you to everyone who has responded, contributed information, and stand ready to help. Visit them at

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