Asheville Foodie News May-June 2012

Wow!!! There is a whole lot of eating going on in Asheville North Carolina lately. We get around. And even better than that, we can also cover restaurants that are not advertising with us. What freedom and fun! So here are some local Asheville Foodie News experiences that we have had in the past few weeks:

Double D’s Coffee and Desserts in downtown Asheville is a community landmark. I love going to the upper level, all tight and crunched in, having some coffee, snacks, a meeting or just for fun. I even hired Audrey Goforth to do a photo shoot of my two daughters up there about 2 years ago. And the pictures came out awesome!!

Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack is located in West Asheville on Patton Ave. This is one of the places that folks say has the best chicken in the area. The other popular choice being Little Pigs on McDowell St.

Strada Italiano in downtown Asheville has such a delicious Antipasto appetizer that, like me, you will be back for it again. Also see the Arancini recipe posted on their blog recently. Yum!

Brioso Fresh Pasta has recently blessed me with the best Ravioli in the area! This Italian restaurant is located in South Asheville in Biltmore Park Town Square and it is definitely worth stopping by. Read the blog post “Brioso Fresh Pasta in Asheville NC”

Bar of Soap on Merrimon Ave in North Asheville has a few food items on their menu in addition to there beer bar, laundry room and bookstore. I like sitting in the lounge area while many washing machines are going. It feels like I am reading a book on a kids roller coaster. And when you are drinking beer, oh my, the room spins hahaha.

Pho R Us opened recently in South Asheville. When we showed up to eat there, some of the staff from Asiana were leaving at the same time with big smiles on their faces. The food  and service is great. We watched the manager walk from table to table, introducing himself, sometimes sitting down, and making a personal connection with all. The decor definitely needs help, but that may come in time, hopefully sooner than later.

Tallgary’s Cantina in downtown Asheville has some great sliders on pretzel buns! A must try if you like beer or chicken sliders. Also see their blog post on Tacos and Wings.

Frank’s Roman Pizza in East Asheville has a delicious pepperoni pizza waiting for me! And you too. Great restaurant that has been in the area for 35 years now. I love the Calzone they make too!! Also see the Frank’s Roman Pizza Blog.

Nick’s Grill in North Asheville has an awesome cheeseburger pita among many other items that are made on the spot, while you wait, even if you are in the drive-thru.

Champa Thai and Sushi in downtown Asheville already has some great offerings. Here is the lunchbox they served us. So good! Big things planned for this restaurant in the up and coming months. A great twist and addition to the local foodie scene is evolving.

Sisters McMullen in North Asheville is a great breakfast spot and bakery. I have been going here for years. They have moved several times, but I have always been quick to find them!

Storm Rhum Bar is a great spot in downtown Asheville! I was meeting with Amy from OX+CO and she treated me to this delicious burger and beer.

Old Europe has been one of our fave places for years. Coffees and Desserts galore! They were forced out of their old location on Battery Park with a extreme rent increase years ago, had to shut down for awhile, but have since opened on on Broadway in downtown Asheville. Stop by and show your support for this great and delicious place.

White Duck Taco Shop in the Asheville River Arts District is our favorite taco restaurant in the area. We stood in line outside for 15 minutes, and then inside for another 5 minutes before we even got to order. And… it was worth every minute. Yes, it is that good!!!

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Ok, I am getting hungry. One question: Have you been to these restaurants and foodie spots in Asheville? Please comment and tell us your experience. Thank you!


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One thought on “Asheville Foodie News May-June 2012

  1. There is one type of restaurant Asheville is missing but use to have in large quantities until around 10 years ago. Traditional authentic southern/regional food. I find it very strange that a southern town, in the heart of the Appalachian mtns there is not one restaurant to represent that culture, not even one that serves 100% authentic, traditional southern/regional food.

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