Asheville Foodie: Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements gift basket Asheville NC

I love those chocolate covered pineapples, along with everything else but especially those guys. I’ve seen ads for Edible Arrangements on TV but didn’t think anything else about it. Then I got the opportunity to interview our local store owner, Diana King. The more we chatted; the more I got to realizing she has greater ambitions for this business.

Diana says, “We are the creator of and the leaders in fresh fruit bouquets. We make any occasion special with our array of irresistible products, including The Original Fresh Fruit Bouquet and gourmet chocolate dipped fruit. We believe in invention, investment and imagination, and have an entrepreneurial history and spirit. Above all, we are fresh fruit fanatics.” You can tell she has an immense amount of passion for her business. Diana wants people to understand the benefits for eating better and healthier, that’s why she puts forth effort to speak at schools and attends festivities where she helps different organizations bring awareness of various matters or targets.

Diana and her partner, Susan Rossignol, have already expanded their successful business into Spartanburg, South Carolina. They also have aspirations and ideas for expanding into downtown Asheville, apart from the West Asheville location. From our conversation, I’ve gotten very excited to see what these busy ladies have planned for 2015!

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