A Trip To The WNC Farmers Market in Asheville NC

Pumpkins at WNC Farmers Market in Asheville

We recently stopped by the WNC Farmers Market on Brevard Road in Asheville NC and got to see so many great foods. If you are looking for fresh produce from local farmers in the community, this is a great place to visit.

Fresh Vegetables at the WNC Farmers MarketLots of fresh vegetables at the WNC Farmers Market in west Asheville NC!

Cider at the WNC Farmers Market in Asheville NC

A big selection of ciders to choose from, just about every concoction of flavors you can imagine.

Honey at the WNC Farmers Market in Asheville NCHoney is plenty over here at the WNC Farmers Market, featuring many local types to choose from. So feel free to get your sweet on!

Arts & Crafts at the WNC Farmers Market in AshevilleArts & Crafts are also available from many artists in the Asheville and WNC area. This is a great spot to find lots of local treasures that you will not find anywhere else.

See more photos of the WNC Farmers Market on the Asheville Foodie Community Facebook Page!

The Social in Asheville Expands Again. This time BREAKFAST!

Asheville Breakfast at The Social

When Cory and his family took over The Social in East Asheville, his vision was not as big as it is today. After running a highly successful entertainment company called Get Vocal Entertainment (which is still going strong), they decided to settle down some and take over a little local restaurant. And it grew and grew, with the quality of food, people, fun, entertainment, and great experiences told. Recently, Chow Time Pizza in Swannanoa was purchased by them and it is now The Social Pizzeria, and turning out to be one of the top pizza choice around town. And Cory has several other big deals in the works, and looking for more investments.

Now, at the original location… 1078 Tunnel Road, Breakfast is being served until noon. The Social recognized a need on that East side of town, where breakfast and brunch was not much of a sought out meal, and they created this stellar breakfast menu to accommodate their community.

If you are out in East Asheville, make sure to stop by The Social and check it out. You can also see The Social Video on Facebook!

Win a Date Night for 2 in Asheville North Carolina!

Asheville Date Night Giveaway

Dr. Greene and the folks over at Asheville Vision Associates in Biltmore Park have launched a Date Night for 2 Giveaway on Facebook that is going pretty viral. You can win dinner for 2 at Luella’s, dessert for 2 at YaYa’s, and a movie at the Regal Grande. After reading the hundreds of comments, it seems like everyone needs a break, a date, a night out; and if possible with the person they love. The contest goes on until November 21, 2016 so you still have time to enter. See the Asheville Vision Associates – Biltmore Park Facebook Page for more info!

Two Days, Two Burgers, Too Good!

There are times we go for weeks at a time without a burger. Asheville has such a variety of food options that the choices are sometimes overwhelming. The past few days have not been one of those times. We actually stopped by two places and ordered a cheeseburger that made us very happy that we did.

Cheeseburger at Farm Burger in Asheville NC

The first was Farm Burger in south Asheville. I ordered a burger with cheese, a fried egg, pork belly, tomatoes, onions, ketchup and mayo. And this burger tasted incredible.

The Social Asheville Cheeseburger

The second was The Social in east Asheville. I ordered a simple cheeseburger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup and mayo. And again, I was brought to a very tasteful place in my mouth and life.

I do not know who makes your favorite burger, but these are two spots that are definitely worth checking out. And both of these places have different personalities. Farm Burger is very burger-centric, while The Social is like a family friendly dive bar with pool tables, dart boards, and entertainment just about every night of the week. And both have have their place in the Asheville Foodie Community. Thank you for making some great burgers!

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Asheville NC

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