Asheville Emergency, APD, AFD, and Buncombe EMS respond

When danger approached today on Merrimon Ave, the Asheville Police Department, the Asheville Fire Department, and Buncombe County EMS networked together to help. Their selfless job is to keep us safe, help us when we are in trouble, enforce order and law, and risk their lives to save us if necessary. So they definitely make the City of Asheville so much of a safer place. I know most of us are not equipped to respond to an emergency or spontaneous situation, but we have honorable servants everywhere with 1000’s of hours of training, ready to come to the rescue. I see these people at work, and I think “that could just as easily be me or someone that I love” laying on the floor needing assistance. Do yourself some good during these times and reach out to your local fire department, police, and area rescue teams with some thankfulness. They are way underappreciated and could use some community interaction from the residents, maybe even dinner one evening, or some fresh baked cookies, lol. Maybe some of the businesses should offer a “Public Servant Discount” to these people who contribute daily to many of our lives. They live their lives to protect mine and yours. Thank you to all of the agencies around the world, especially right here in Asheville NC and Buncombe County (I live here).

3 thoughts on “Asheville Emergency, APD, AFD, and Buncombe EMS respond

  1. Trying to find out now what exactly happened. The man was stuck in his car and could not get in the middle of it, but it looked like he was stablized there on the scene and then transported to Mission.

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