Asheville Drinks & Dialogue coming Nov. 13th from 8pm – 11pm #DD

Drinks and Dialogue is an open forum where people can come together and talk about social, relationship, and general issues.  In the last 2 discussions we talked about “Why is Asheville segregated?” This time the emphasis is Asheville’s future. Where is it going and where do you wanna see it go.  Also, seen #ashevillethrowback was such a big Twitter topic, I feel it’s only right we do some Asheville trivia. It will be fun. Typically a crowd of 30 to 60 people with open minds and dialogue. It will be held at Burgermeister’s 697 Haywood Rd in West Asheville Sat Nov 13th.  Food and drink specials all nite. Free admission and starts at 8pm.

Topics will be the Elections and why people did not vote, a local trivia game, what is in store for the future of Asheville, and discussing some gaps that have been bridged since the last drinks and dialogue. 

See many Drinks & Dialogue videos – also follow @SocialLifeAVL on Twitter.

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