Shopping at Asheville Overstock Outlets

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I have to be honest. Discount, outlet and secondhand stores are not my cup of tea. I am a firm believer in that you get what you pay for. I understand you can find a deal here and there, but I do not hunt. Asheville has a bunch of discount shopping stores all around. In addition to that, there are many consignment shops. Plus places like Goodwill have some great finds here and there. I am all for saving a buck, but not at my expense. Amazon and Ebay have plenty of deals, but you also have to be careful because I have also found out a few times that the retail store prices were actually cheaper. And ladies, watch out for those fake Coach bags! Sometimes you think you are getting a deal, but in reality you’re not. Many years ago, a friend of mine asked why I was buying a shirt at a Superstore in the area. I told him that the shirt was just as good as his Eddie Bauer and Gap shirts. He laughed and went on to explain to me about thread count and the better materials being used, how much longer it lasted, how it cleaned and ironed better, and how much more I would care for something of value. He was right.

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Today, I just don’t like cheap merchandise, stuff or anything! I rather one $20 Christmas gift than twenty $1 gifts. Quality over quantity. For example, when a friend of mine first told me about a $50 steak at Ruth’s Chris, my immediate reaction was “it must be great!” And it was. I also remember years ago watching the craze for a line of blue-jeans called Parasuco. I saw a video clip on TV of a pickup truck speeding and crashing through the front of a store, a bunch of guys jumping out with masks, clearing the shelves of only Parasuco jeans, and taking off. That is called a “five finger discount” around here lol. I thought “these jeans must be valuable”… so I went online, saw they were hundreds of dollars on the website, and then I went to Ebay and purchased several pairs for about $70 a piece. With the proper research, that was my type of deal!

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Recently, the family decided to stop by Overstock Outlet in Asheville North Carolina. My expectations were low, but after being there for a few minutes, I realized that this place did not stock a bunch of junk. I walked through and was able to find a bunch of quality items of value such as clothing, tents, camping supplies, fishing gear, electronics, housewares, food, gadgets and plenty more. I then understood the level of merchandise they had, and how the discounts were being passed down to local shoppers. These are items that a retail store have too much of, or maybe in a damaged box, and sometimes discontinued selections. Much like the bed mattresses that ReBed offers. I picked out a few things that I could really use, and then my daughter showed up with a big stuffed animal duck in her arms. I estimated the value in my head at $40, looked at the price tag, saw it was only $7, and ended up with a smile on my face. She was excited too!

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And she did not want to let her find go, so I chauffeured her around in the shopping cart with Ms. Duck. We also found an easel that was $70 in other stores, and only $13 here. I talked to the owner and he mentioned how they go through every item to assure it is complete and really a good deal. If not, they do not put it on the shelves. The conclusion… we will definitely take a few minutes to stop by every now and then to see what they have. And I will buy here again. Asheville’s Overstock Outlet has 3 area locations, one in Candler on Smoky Park Highway right before you hit Hwy 151. The other is on Sardis Road near the Brevard Rd end. And lastly, they have one in Mills River.

Why Your Asheville Mattress Is So Important

asheville sleep mattress

When people think about a mattress, sometimes only sleep comes to mind. In actuality, a mattress is a huge part of your life. Think about it. You spend about one-third of your life on your mattress; or one-quarter if you get as little sleep as I do. Nonetheless, it is very important.

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I never thought much about a mattress. It was simply a place to sleep and I did not have an ultra comfortable experience to compare it to. Until one day. I decided to take a leap of faith and purchase a mattress that cost me over a thousand dollars. It was not but a few days and I realized what I had been missing. When it came to where I lay my head, and my tired body… “you get what you pay for” had a whole new meaning to me. Did you know that the right mattress could help you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even… sexually? How many of you have woke up hurting, with a bad attitude, feeling like you were missing something, and unbalanced after you planned on a good night’s sleep? A bad mattress can do that to you. If you do not believe me, try it for yourself. Get a high quality mattress for a month and then try going back to your springboard or foam pad. Impossible! You will never be completely satisfied with the lesser again.

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Now there are plenty of things you can use a mattress for. Sleep is first. All of us have been there where we just want to hit that mattress and get some rest. It could also be a place to escape a noisy or active home. Then there have been plenty of times my mattress has come in handy to get some work done. A nice comfortable spot where I can pull out my laptop or tablet and finish off a project, or catch up on emails. I have woke up, reached over grabbed my laptop, and worked for hours upon hours on many occasions. The right mattress is also a great place to meditate. Unless you have a “quiet room” in your home, the bedroom and a good mattress on your bed is the best choice for peace and solitude. A mattress could also be a great place to play. Although I have caught myself singing “no more monkeys jumpin on the bed” many times to my little ones; this is the original indoor trampoline to us old timers. As long as you have high ceilings, jumping on the bed as an adult can be an really effective form of self therapy. Go ahead and try it!

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And last but not least… have you ever made love on a mattress that sucks? It is a terrible experience. I find myself thinking… “what might have been” if I had a real mattress. Yes, there is a time to use the floor, the couch, the shower, and maybe even the dining room table; but having a wonderful “home sweet home” mattress in your bedroom can definitely contribute to making the magic happen.

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When I walked into ReBed of Asheville, I could not believe my eyes; or the mattress prices. I saw mattresses that would put my expensive mattress to shame, and at a fraction of the cost. I asked Josh what they specialized in and he said that Factory Seconds were his main seller. Being a second may mean that it was a floor model in the store, or that it has a mark on it, or maybe it was simply an overstock item that they decided to move on and out. You can sort of think of this place as the TJ Maxx for mattresses.

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I also found out that they offer Sanitary Resold mattresses which means they have taken a used mattress and re-sanitized it for resale. As a matter of fact, they are the only place that is State Licensed by the Department of Agriculture this side of Charlotte. With ReBed’s recycling efforts, they have kept over 5000 mattresses out of the landfill last year, and even more this year. That is an amazing work for the environment. Either way, if you are in the market for a mattress, or just realized that you should be; you need to start your search at ReBed and see the great selection they have!

Weaverville Library Holds Half Price Book Sale

WEAVERVILLE, N.C. – Friends of the Weaverville Public Library offer 50 percent off every title at the Main Street location Saturday, Nov. 2, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. To compete with locals for the best in great half-off reads, take the sidewalk to the right of the main entrance to get to the basement level sale area.

Weaverville Library

Wall to wall titles at 50 percent off regular book sale prices.

Genres include non-fiction: biography, politics, gardening, self help, cookbooks, history, travel, parenting, home improvement, sports, games, religion, art; fiction: mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, novels; audio-visual: movies, audio books, compact discs and audio tapes; and children and teen selections.

The ‘Half Price Book Sale’ is Saturday, Nov. 2, from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Weaverville Library, Main Street. Call Friends of the Weaverville Library at (828)250-6482 for more information. Sherri McLendon is a freelance writer in Weaverville who never misses library book sales. Contact her at

Asheville Discount Warehouse Outlet + Shoes!!!

Everyone has looked for a good or great deal at one time or another in their lives. Well here is a place in the North Asheville / Woodfin community that is meeting the discount, overstock demand.  Specialz Outlet opened up where the hardware store used to be in the same shopping center as Thai Citrus, or if you have been here for several years, you may remember the old roller skating rink in Woodfin. That is the building where they are located now.

We actually stopped by there last Christmas to grab some last minute decorations and we got plenty for about $20. Of course the ladies headed to the shoe section, and we were over in the electronics area. Specialz now has a big focus on brand name designer shoes and boots lately and their Ebay and Amazon sales are picking up tremendously. The benefit we have is that they are located in the Asheville area.. just a hop, skip and a jump away, so first dibs can be a reality for you.

In the market to find some great discounts? Check out Specialz Outlet in North Asheville. They have truckloads of merchandise coming in regularly.

Limited Time Bonus from Clinique in Asheville

I met with Amber recently and she was talking about all of the great things that are happening with her career and in her life. She works for Clinique in the Asheville Mall and is a great representative for the business. I love it when people are passionate about their lives! She sent me over this bonus from Clinique to share with you. Promotion ends on September 22, 2012:

The Bonus gift includes All About Eyes Roller Ball, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Rinse off solvent for a quick change on the eyes from a day to night look, High Impact Mascara, double ended gloss sample and blush in a choice of Nudes or Pinks. Nude colors include Fig blush as well as Sunset and Fireberry Longlast Glosswear Lip Glosses. Pink colors include New Clover Blush as well as Kissy Fit and Air Kiss Glosses! We are very low on Nude colors!