Asheville Crime Stoppers – On Twitter, Blog, & Picasa!

Buncombe County, Asheville North Carolina has several new websites that are focusing on Stopping Crime, connecting with the local Asheville community, and building a network around the world. This is good because there are many businesses way behind in the tech times (Real Estate, Churches, etc), but Law Enforcement should never be one of them. Now we are not talking about going after John Travolta in “Swordfish”, but simply making use of the conduits that this “new age” has supplied us with… most of the time for free.

Tech is sometimes tricky because we are trained to shun from the “new” and stick with what we know (ages 30 and over have a really hard time, especially when a computer was not a priority). This is very dangerous sometimes because new avenues are opening up daily, and the wrong people learn how to use them before the legitimate people even consider. Do not be left behind! Our kids that are in the Buncombe County Schools are teaching and tutoring your kids how to make good use of the computer and the Internet. Parents should be on top of this! Get on board and follow the times. If not, you will soon be the only person riding a horse on the highway. See

Let me mention the Presidential race for a second. Besides who should have won and who should have lost, I believe one group had the advantage, and if they used that advantage to win, then so be it. One crowd only put some faith in “new media”, while the other crowd dedicated themselves to social media and mass connections via the web. One used “old school” philosophy and tactics, and the other used what many of us consider an “internet experiment”. Consider It Proven now. The days of phone calling, door to door, and meeting face to face are just about gone. Get a Social Life for yourself and/or your business… and make sure it at least begins online, where today’s quality connections are made.

Back to Buncombe County, Asheville North Carolina. This “Social Networking” is a big step that may prove very wise. You can view and visit their Feed Widget above, or links to their Atom feed are on the right column of their blog. Please use them where you can, every little bit helps, every minute counts… especially when it hits home. Let stop it before it goes that far. I talked to one of the head “Crime Fighters” in the area and loved the sincerity, purpose, and vision. We can make Asheville and this world a better place! It’s not too puzzling if we all work together. Thank you.

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