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Video Tour of, Asheville North Carolina’s Hub, resources, business network, link directory, search engine, newcomer guide, and so much more. We will have links to this Asheville Blog and several others including BlogAsheville (as it is linked now) and AshVegas (that site is red hot, I love it).

Phase 2 and 3 of the “new” AskAsheville website got pushed off because of priorities, but it is coming, stronger than ever, and with people from all over the world behind it. We look forward to others improving their Asheville sites too in response to this little leak. We try to provide all information, whether somebody pays for a link or not, whether we like the company or not, whether they recip with us or not. We sometimes ask for reciprocals, and that is somewhat of a test to see the networking minds of other companies in the Asheville area. We want Asheville information to be open source, without bias (or with so much bias from so many you cannot even tell, lol), and a community where people can contribute if they want, promote their business if they want, promote Asheville, and be a part of a new Asheville Info era. We follow Google’s model in that anything we can find to give you for free to help you and your business, we will attempt to make you aware and implement it. Become a part of Asheville. Join in with us on Asheville's Search Engine

An Asheville Attitude of Gratitude!

This Asheville based website and universal lifestyle is so beautiful, we have to share it with our Asheville family, and the whole world for that matter…’s mission is to foster peace and happiness through:
1. Raising public awareness for thankfulness
2. Providing simple tools for practice
3. Inspiring joyful expressions of gratitude
4. Educating about related scientific findings

Asheville Artist Damaris Pierce who, through her own development and studies, underwent tremendous transformations in her life that led her to share her findings with others. “Gratitude is more than a concept”, states Pierce, “it is a state of being that can be cultivated every day”. “I believe when you focus on the things you are thankful for each day you begin to live a more joyful, fulfilled and pleasurable life,” she continues, “I want to share this with others and create a public display of gratitude that ripples around the globe! Gratitude is a powerful force that can help people from any walk of life change their perspective and achieve a better quality of life. It is important for each of us to say thank you to family, friends, pets, nature or places we love for enriching our lives and bringing us joy. As an artist, I infuse gratitude into every piece I create, whether it is stone, glass, wood, canvas or metal. As a human being, I feel the richness of life in every interaction, every event, every thing. I believe sharing this energy with one another can create a ripple that spreads across the globe and helps remind everyone that there is beauty, love and good to be found.”

Asheville Yacht Club @ Beaverdam Lake 08

Stopped by today to see what was going on at Beaver Lake. The Asheville Yacht Club was out today with their remote controlled sailboats. There must have been about 20 or so participants (men, women, children). Great club and nice hobby to pick up. The man I spoke to said that he bought his boat off of for about $200, and loves “sailing” at this beautiful lake in North Asheville.

Beaver Lake has always been a favorite for me. They have a little boat area where local residents can “park” their boats (no motors), a nice walking path, a nice walk for dogs (with permit only), and a bird sanctuary connected to the south side of the lake. The sanctuary has a walking ramp with accents such as pergalos, benches, and gazebos all along the way. Close parking is not great, so most people park at the North Asheville Library on Merrimon or at the Bird Sanctuary, and walk 2 minutes. (Not far at all). Be careful in this area as many people park across the street and cross Merrimon to get to the lake. Asheville Law Enforcement also does “speedtrap” training on this road every once in awhile.

Talk Asheville in North Carolina

Networking, making new friends, sharing ideas, and making new business contacts locally is what Talk Asheville is all about. If you have a social network platform already, it would help to have a local back-up profile as well, and support your Asheville community. If you are not involved in online networking, Talk is a great place to start. James and Chad run a very clean & professional social network in Asheville North Carolina.

Is it better than MySpace or Facebook? Maybe not, but it grows with the people who use it. Getting local with your networking allows you to improve your networking power on a more personal level. Correct! Some people may not want that “closer” personal connection. This is for people who want to actually make strong, profitable, maybe lifelong, local connections. Of course that could be done from any social network, but when you use, you make connections that you actually have access to in Asheville North Carolina.

Networking platforms come in many forms including blogs, forums, instant messengers, email, and more. Make use of the ones that are most effective and closest to you.

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