Asheville Coffee House & Cafe – Meet Edna

First of all, we found out Edna is Asheville Royalty, insomuch that a coffee house on the northside of town was named after this little Pug. Edna actually doesn’t even drink coffee herself anymore.. (after a semi-traumatic experience) ..but her customers keep coming back for more and more.

If you take a 5 minute ride north of downtown Asheville on Merrimon Ave, you will come to a little, funky spot called Edna’s of Asheville. Some of you may remember when it used to be Mountain Java. Some go here for a cup of coffee, some breakfast, a muffin, bagel, pastry, beer, wine, lunch; or just the free Internet. This is a meeting hot spot in the North Asheville community. Many folks from Leicester and Weaverville use Edna’s as an easily accessible AVL meeting point.

The coffee? Well it is made at the Coffee Roasting Plant they own in Asheville NC! The name is “Bad Puppy Roasting” which you can purchase in the Cafe, and you will soon be able to order online. Edna (the Pug) runs the coffee making business in Asheville. Believe that!

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