Asheville: CNBC at Weaverville Walmart for “The NEW Age of Walmart”, shows 9/23 at 9pm

CNBC’s David Faber takes you back inside the biggest company in the world for an all-new, unprecedented look at the retailer. Watch the first sit-down interview with the new CEO. Learn about the aggressive new “green” policies and what’s behind the new store overhauls. Then decide for yourself: is it a brand new day, or business as usual? Whatever you may think of Walmart, it keeps growing, even in the worst economy since the Great Depression. A CNBC Original, “The NEW Age of Walmart” premieres Wednesday, September 23 at 9P ET on CNBC.

CNBC recently traveled to Weaverville, where we shot quite a bit of our upcoming CNBC Original documentary, “The NEW Age of Walmart.” Thought you might like a sneak peek:

The full 90-minute documentary premieres Wednesday at 9p ET. You can check out the show page and web extras at


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