Asheville Chef, Musician and Friend.. Ryan Izon “Son of a Bistro” Rest in Peace

Ryan Izon - Son of a Bistro - Rest in Peace 12/25/75 - 4/19/13

It wasn’t so long ago that a person called “Son of a Bistro” appeared on the Asheville Twitter feed, sharing photos of some amazing dessert creations by Chef Ryan Izon. The name of the restaurant was Mother & Son Bistro. Ryan and his family quickly got involved in the community and created baked goods like the Twestival (Twitter Festival) cake a few years ago. As their first public appearance.. Ryan, his girlfriend Catherine, and sister Christine attended the huge social media party that we had at the Grove Park Inn years ago. Ryan also spoke at one of the first “Free Social Media Schools in AVL” at the Downtown Market, and discussed his involvement in the foodie and tech world. One of his favorite spots to hang out was Asheville Pizza & Brewing on Merrimon Avenue in north Asheville.

Ryan Izon was an Entrepreneur! He had his own business, he had a family business, and he was always looking for more opportunity. He helped us with Sociable Influence and worked great with people. His photography included key contributions to the Asheville tattoo scene and festival; as well as Asheville concerts at the Orange Peel and other local venues. His creativity and love for music allowed him to build several amazing custom guitars. His most recent venture.. RCI Guitar Pickups had succeeded to the point where he could go to work full-time on it.

Almost three years ago, Ryan’s sister Christine Izon drowned in a lake in South Carolina on Mother’s Day. This left Mother.. Dawn Izon, Ryan, Christine’s daughter Brianna, and a missing hole in their heart and life. Catherine, Ryan’s wife, became the key to new life and hope as they were married two and a half years ago in Asheville NC. As they were getting Ryan’s health situated, they shut “Mother & Son Bistro” down. Ryan started to work at UNCA and Catherine at Sam’s Club.

Ryan Izon was dealing with a few health complications, and had surgery a few years ago, but it did not go as planned and he ended up fighting to have it corrected. The surgery this past week was meant to be a big turning point for the better, but the surgery was unsuccessful and he passed away on Friday, April 19, 2013.

Who was Ryan Izon to me? He was a true friend in my life. When I was going through life’s transitions years ago, Ryan was someone I could talk to, and he always gave me great advice from his heart. He was a friend to my family, and he treated each of them as if they were his own. The last time I saw him 2 weeks ago, he was sitting at a party with my Mom and my son Gary. Ryan had an incredible sense of humor, and we spent many times laughing over a few brews with Catherine and others. He was a great human being who loved and cared for others. I remember after his sister passed away, he told me.. “I am getting ready to marry the woman I love, my sister is gone, and I have to make sure I take care of Brianna because I am all she has, and she is all that I have left of my sister.” He made an impression on my heart and life that made me a better person and made him a great friend to me. I hope I was the same to him. I realize now I took this surgery for granted, I assumed that it would be successful and we could all live happily ever after. Now we have to live without Ryan. When I first heard the news, my immediate thought was “no, I need to bring him back to life” and I ran myself in circles. Now I am scrambling around trying to find ways to make him live forever, by honoring his life and protecting his memories. I love you Ryan Izon and I am so sorry this happened to you. Please Rest in Peace.

The Memorial Service will be Sunday April 28, 2013 at 5:00 pm at the Blue Ridge Vineyard Church 501 Stone Ridge Blvd Asheville NC 28804.

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