Asheville Foodie: Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements gift basket Asheville NC

I love those chocolate covered pineapples, along with everything else but especially those guys. I’ve seen ads for Edible Arrangements on TV but didn’t think anything else about it. Then I got the opportunity to interview our local store owner, Diana King. The more we chatted; the more I got to realizing she has greater ambitions for this business.

Diana says, “We are the creator of and the leaders in fresh fruit bouquets. We make any occasion special with our array of irresistible products, including The Original Fresh Fruit Bouquet and gourmet chocolate dipped fruit. We believe in invention, investment and imagination, and have an entrepreneurial history and spirit. Above all, we are fresh fruit fanatics.” You can tell she has an immense amount of passion for her business. Diana wants people to understand the benefits for eating better and healthier, that’s why she puts forth effort to speak at schools and attends festivities where she helps different organizations bring awareness of various matters or targets.

Diana and her partner, Susan Rossignol, have already expanded their successful business into Spartanburg, South Carolina. They also have aspirations and ideas for expanding into downtown Asheville, apart from the West Asheville location. From our conversation, I’ve gotten very excited to see what these busy ladies have planned for 2015!

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What’s Smoking?

My father and some other people I know smoke cigarettes. To be honest, I wish they didn’t because it’s gross… overall. I care about my father and the other people that smoke. We all know of the effects, they threaten your life in more than one way. If anyone has any desire to start their journey to quit then I suggest they go to MadVapes on Patton Avenue or their other local location on Tunnel Road.

Madvapes Store Asheville, NC

These guys know their vapes and want to help you to live a longer life. That means something to them because it’s not about looking cool, but if you do want to vape to look cool then they will help with that too. At least you won’t cut off years from your life with cigarettes.

MadVapes Asheville, NC In-House Flavors

Tim, the general manager, used to smoke constantly for a numbered amount of years. He says he tried everything. Some of you might have gotten to that point and felt that way before. MadVapes’ staff have experienced what you have and they have a story to tell, just like you.

I know what I’m getting my father for this Christmas. I believe that it will help him quit his nicotine addiction. Why not get one yourself or for someone you know and care about? I think they would understand the message.

MadVapes Accessories

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Balancing Your Life in Asheville

People usually think of balancing life as dealing with your work along with your personal life. Yet, we tend to forget about our well-being and mental being and that’s why I’m proud to get the chance to share my experience with my first ever visit to the chiropractor, but not just any chiropractor, Dr. Derek Kasten at One Love Chiropractic.

I like to describe Dr. Derek’s practices as holistic because he specializes in prenatal and pediatric care. It’s amazing how much we overlook the simple accidents we have as children. What’s even more amazing is how much we forget about it and then suffer in our later phases of our lives. Now, I could probably blow your mind with the insight that I’ve gained from him.

One Love Chiropractic, pre and post miracle

I know I never thought I needed a chiropractor, mostly assumed from my inexperience and lack of knowledge about chiropractic practices. Dr. Derek explained a lot to me through his inspiration to pursue his occupation in chiropractic studies. I know some history of this practice and I’m glad I have a better understanding because I feel comfortable when I come to visit my chiropractor. I trust his work because he’s been helpful and he wants everyone to understand the true reason a chiropractor is needed, and what a great help they can be.

I told him about my concerns then he went on to explain and bring more light to what I need to focus on. After we discussed all of what I need to know and be aware of, he concentrated on my concerns and explained where I needed adjusting and didn’t over adjust me… thankfully because I learned that traumatizes your body, which makes sense.

Dr. Derek Kasten, Book

I’m glad I found a chiropractor that I can trust, wants me to understand how much this really affects me not just by my physical health, but my mental health as well, and who also cares about his work just as much about his family, friends, and patients. I recommend One Love Chiropractic for anyone, even if you think you don’t need a chiropractor because you might be surprised.


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Rent a Car, Travel and Save

travel georgia bridge

We all go through car problems.. and that’s just something we have to live with. I had planned a trip to see my cousin for her birthday. I would be there or die trying. As time started to become more absent, I began to lose faith that I could make it for Kaylee’s 10th birthday. Then, I came across Anderson Nissan and they saved me from all of my troubles!

Frozen tent theme, birthday party

I got in touch with Rob, the rental manager, and without further adieu I made it to Georgia and spent much needed time with my family. Even though I didn’t stay long, I hadn’t one bit of worry about my transportation, a 2014 Nissan Sentra. I LOVED driving that car!! I drove over 500 miles, roundtrip, and only had to fill up two times.

gas prices, SC

My little cousins kept wanting to ride with me and I’m not sure if the cause of the rental car had something to do with that or how long it had been since we’ve seen each other. Either way, Anderson Nissan helped make my trip happen and I’m so grateful for that.

Asheville rental Nissan, Flat Rock rental Nissan


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Life Saving Delivery

Valet Gourmet downtown

You wouldn’t ever think about food service saving lives, would you? Well to our local company, Valet Gourmet, that’s exactly what it is! Saving time and delivering quality restaurant food of your choice from their options is what their about. I mean they will put forth hard effort to catering to you. Honestly, I’ve heard some amazing stories. I love that if they can bring the selected food(s) from the selected restaurant(s) out to wherever you are then they will do their best. The thought process of this company is amazing. They have a high expectation of their service and community with their employees and with their business partners. I’ve yet to run into a company like this. Not to mention their reach is expansive in Asheville and the surrounding areas… maybe more if they can accomodate. They’re also opening up business in Knoxville, Tennessee! (GO VALET GOURMET!)

Valet Gourmet team

Listening to Nick and hearing the enthusiasm in his voice inspired me even more and helped me to see how much this service business meant to them. You could see how proud he was to be a part of it all. When he spoke about the time factor, it is about helping busy people by saving them cooking time, or time out at a restaurant, or the time they would have spent at a grocery store. This is not just a food delivery service. This is a way to give back to the community, and also give you more time to spend on more important things to you. With the huge selection of restaurants they work with, you will surely never be at a loss for choices.

Valet Gourmet downtown building

The amount of creativity they have as a team shows more than you would predict. There’s so much to appreciate about this company while they provide you with more options to dine either in the comfort and laziness of your pajamas, if you seriously can not make it to that specific restaurant because of injury or if you simply don’t have the time, but you still want your favorite sushi, pasta, or whatever delicious dish is on your mind. They didn’t disappoint when I’ve ordered with them. I hope you love them as much as I do and enjoy telling people about them, which I will continue to spread the word about this wonderful business!


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