Asheville Buncombe Bank Robber Busted

While getting off on I-40, exit 44, on Friday; I noticed 2 Police Officers standing outside of their cars and looking over the side rail and down the bank toward the rear of Burger King. I did not know what was going on exactly so I hit the TwitterBerry app on my Blacberry and wrote what I saw.

I arrived at Sand Hill Venable Elementary, signed in to see my daughter and volunteer in her class, and as soon as they gave me my visitors tag, people started running around the office and halls like mad saying “Perimeter Lockdown”. Perimeter lockdown is where all kids go to their classrooms, doors are locked, and not opened until the “clear” signal is given. The lady at the front desk told me “just hurry up to her class”. As I was walking down the hall a teacher just about jumped me and then a teacher with her said “he’s okay, he has a visitors badge”. Several other teachers and staff were on high alert, giving me a bunch of weird looks and me feel like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I got to the classroom, they let me in, they let some other parents leave, and went over to my daughter and her friend near the window. She told me “I don’t know what’s happening, but I am scared”. Then she said “what if someone breaks into the classroom?”. I thought for a second, pulled out my Flip Video, gave it to her, and said “you will film, and I will kick some a.. ” lol. Both of them started laughing.

Come to find out that there was a bank robbery on Smoky Park Highway in the West Asheville Enka area, less than a mile from the school, and the robber was on the loose. So just in case; they notified the schools in the area. About 30 minutes later they removed the “lockdown” and started getting back to normal. As I was walking out, the 2 kids with me pulled me into the book fair and that is where I got the update that the bank robber was caught near the Burger King, across from Cracker Barrel thanks to all of the local Law Enforcement Agencies swarming and working together. And then I put 2 and 2 together and that is why the Buncombe Sheriff was up on the bank. They were trapping the bank robber and had the rear of Burger King covered just in case the thief ran up onto the Highway. Busted, he was!

The End!

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