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Infinity Learning Solutions, parent company of DigitalChalk in Biltmore Park, Asheville NC. Co-founders: Russ Stinehour, CEO; Tony McCune, VP Sales & Marketing; Troy Tolle, CTO

Western North Carolina has always been home for me having grown up in Waynesville. After several years of college and traveling consulting outside of WNC, it was time to come back home. It is a great place to live, and I could travel anywhere I wanted to from here just as easily. After experiencing all that Asheville has to offer both corporately and personally, it was an easy decision for us to stay here and start DigitalChalk in the year of 2006.

WNC has long been known for it’s incredible surroundings. The corporate lifestyle is relaxed and a breath of fresh air for families of all ages. Combining this with the growing entrepreneurial infrastructure and advanced technology development that Asheville offers is why we started here and have chosen to stay.

Our favorite things about Asheville or WNC is a Family friendly community, individual creativity and diversity, endless recreational opportunities within the mountains of NC. The best part of your Asheville or WNC business is Our DigitalChalk community – the people that we work with and our clients.

AdvantageWest, Biltmore Farms, ERC Broadband – All of these organizations have been helpful to us as growing company. They have all been very willing to connect us with resources and people that have helped grow our business and relationships not just in WNC, but across the state.

We currently offer a single hosted training product called DigitalChalk. With DigitalChalk you can publish multimedia courses online using our “Chalkboard Studio” to quickly train staff or clients. Courses can be delivered on-demand and include videos, documents, test and a completion certificate. We are an ideal online training delivery solution for anyone from individual entrepreneurs to colleges. The DigitalChalk system is specifically designed to serve the small business and professional training industry.

ILS was one of the first companies to launch using Cloud Computing technology. Although Asheville is not known as an internet technology center, DigitalChalk has been a leader in the area of Cloud Computing and has garnered attention and relationships with Amazon and Google to delivery rich internet experiences in the training and education space using Cloud Computing.

Infinity Learning Solutions Inc., Doing Business As DigitalChalk
One Town Square Boulevard, Suite 204, Asheville, NC 28803
Business Email:
Business Phone #: 877-321-2451

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