Asheville benefit to save little Brianna – read the story here…

As many of our friends and regular customers know, we tragically lost our daughter and sister Christina on Mother’s Day this year. She left behind 2 year old Brianna and it was her wishes in her Will that she was left in our care.

Having Brianna with us since Christina’s death has been a blessing for us…we will always have part of her here with us in her daughter. Unfortunately, during this time of loss and sorrow, the small estate that was left to Brianna by her mother has gotten then attention of Brianna’s father, who has played a very small part in her life and has never done anything for his daughter financially or emotionally. We have had to go to court twice so far to protect Brianna and her humble estate…and we have won both times. But the fight continues!

We have started the Brianna Lynn Morehouse-Izon Estate Legal Fund to help raise money for Brianna’s legal fees. We are having a special dinner event to continue raising money for this fund. We just finished the menu and we are very excited about it. We are prepared to make you some of the finest food to come from our kitchens using fresh local foods and the love from our family.


Chilled Peach and Ginger soup

Champagne and Brie Fondue in Sour Dough bowl w/crudite`

Caesar Salad or Organic Mixed Baby Greens

Main Course Choices:

Bistro St. Jacques
Tender scallops, crab meat & shrimp blended in a white wine Alfredo sauce, seasoned and crumb coated for a quick flame broil. Served with an Asparagus Risotto pyramid.

The ultimate mouth watering Tenderloin of Beef sliced thin, served with Bearnaise’s, artichoke bottoms and truffled potato rosette.

Duck Breast
Grilled to perfection, sliced and served with asparagus risotto and fresh vegetables and chef’s choice of glaze.

Vegetarian Prima Vera
Spaghetti Squash tenderly roasted, tri-colored peppers, black olives, artichokes, seasoned and tossed with olive oil and Asiago shavings.


Deconstructed “Brianna Berry Pie” with handmade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

*Special wine pairing with main course and dessert.

$99.00 per couple-includes tax & beverages

Please reserve early!

Proceeds for this event will be donated to the Brianna Morehouse-Izon Estate Legal Fund.

Mother & Son Bistro

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One thought on “Asheville benefit to save little Brianna – read the story here…

  1. God BLESS you all!!! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I would love to dine with M&S's Bistro for this event….Can you fed ex it to me??? ;o)
    Luv ya Ryan and Dawn!!! You guys are the BEST!!!!

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