Asheville Bele Chere Rules – Don’t F Up!

Bele Chere is Asheville’s largest festival of the year. Folks from all over the nation and world come to AVL to celebrate. Music, Art, Food, Prizes and so much more! But there is always the side where people come to party a little beyond legal and get choked up in the system. Here are a few rules for you to follow while attending Bele Chere.

1. Don’t Smoke Weed at Bele Chere – Although Asheville is known as Weed City USA, Marijuana is still illegal and you can get a ticket or arrested for use and possession. I remember my younger days at the Veterans Day Parade in New York City, and people standing around the streets smoking weed in public, while Officers just walked by in respect for the day. Take Note: It is not like this at Bele Chere.

2. No Public Sex at Bele Chere – Yes, Bele Chere is a time of love and celebrations. But be sure that if you decide to have sex publicly on the City streets of Asheville, you will be ticketed or arrested. Parking decks seems like your next best option, but a room at a local hotel should be your top choice to keep it safe and legal.

3. Mushrooms are illegal at Bele Chere – A mushroom-swiss cheeseburger is the closest you should get to mushrooms at Bele Chere. Psilocybin Mushrooms are not a snack that you are allowed to carry around at Bele Chere. Do not get busted in downtown Asheville with this kind of mushroom.

4. Attacking Street Preachers is illegal at Bele Chere – No matter how confrontational some of the street preachers are, you are not allowed to attack them. This is considered Assault and the Asheville Police Department will arrest you. Listen in, yell and argue back, or join in with them; but do not hit them please.

Remember, if you break these rules, the officers will not be coming after you in uniform with their sirens blowing and lights glaring. A hippie, thug or hipster will most likely handcuff you and ruin your Bele Chere celebration. Don’t let this happen to you. Have fun and be safe.

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2 thoughts on “Asheville Bele Chere Rules – Don’t F Up!

  1. Why the foul language??? Is that civil??? Does it make Asheville sound like the GREAT CITY it is??? I really don’t understand. Our education level should be high enough that we can select a higher level of language skills.

    You might not like this but you will have to agree that language skills paint a good picture of the area.

  2. One other question … Do you really advocate attacking a child??? Hummmm.. Makes Asheville sound like a totally intolerant city with ignorant language skills. I don’t agree with people holding up posters that are totally contrary to what he scripture says. Both sides are totally wrong. One side shows hate and the other side shows NO LOVE.. What is the difference.. Then that gives us lic. to attack a child that has no understanding of what the sign says. Putting this up using the picture of a child shows that the intent is to show the desire to do what is said to be illegal. Right???
    Don’t take me wrong… I LOVE ASHEVILLE and ALL of the PEOPLE IN IT. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is why I am concerned about the image we are portraying here. Aren’t you?

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