Food, Beer and Beauty: Our Whirlwind Adventure with the Roaming Gnome

We at were honored to be the official host of the Travelocity Roaming Gnome during his wonderful roam around Asheville. The goal was to show him the best our beautiful city has to offer — from the mountains to the breweries, and the local eats to the local arts scene. In just a few short days, we and our pointy-hatted friend wandered everywhere. He experienced Mountain View massages, toured the Biltmore Estate, tasted as many pints as humanly (and gnomely) possible, stuffed his face with liquid truffles and duck tacos, and even learned to skateboard (kind of). Here are just a few highlights from his whirlwind adventure. First he soothed his weary hat at the Omni Grove Park Inn Spa.

omni grove park inn asheville

Then took the Architect’s Tour at Biltmore Estate, and got a crash course in shooting sporting clays and casting flies.

biltmore estate asheville nc

He scarfed down scrumptious breakfasts at Tupelo Honey Café, Biscuit Head and the Red Stag Grill.

asheville breakfast

Drooled over the lobster corn dogs at Rhubarb, devoured chipotle blueberry ribs at 12 Bones Smokehouse AND annihilated the Wild BBQ at Plant Restaurant. (He’s a gnome of many tastes obviously.)

asheville dinner

Then he washed all that dinner down with dessert at French Broad Chocolate Lounge and topped it off with a heaping scoop of salted caramel at Hop Ice Cream.

asheville dessert

He acted as a muse at Jonas Gerard Fine Art Gallery.

jonas gerard asheville

And attempted pottery at The Village Potters.

village potters asheville

He hunted wild foods with Alan Muskat, “philosoforager” extraordinaire of

alan muskat asheville mushroom man

And got an exclusive invite to check out’s 3,000 sq. foot hand-built skate bowl.

asheville thrashville skateboard

He sipped everything from saisons to IPAs at Burial Beer Co., Highland Brewing, Wedge Brewing, Green Man Brewery, Wicked Weed and Hi-Wire.

asheville breweries

He went backstage with MOD SUN and D-Why at the legendary Orange Peel.

orange peel asheville

Took in the fresh mountain air at Pisgah National Forest.

biking in pisgah asheville

Then freshened up at the Grand Bohemian.

grand bohemian asheville

And somehow during his busy schedule, he even managed to deliver the weather (drizzly) with Sadie on 105.9 The Mountain.

105.9 The Mountain Asheville

All in all, we helped show the Roaming Gnome as much of the beauty, charm and vitality that our city holds as we could muster. And while he was here, we got to see sides of Asheville that surprised even us. Which is why when it came time for him to depart, we waved goodbye with a tinge of sadness. We’ll miss that 2-foot-tall bearded fellow and his zeal for travel, but we know adventure beckons him on.

farewell asheville

So with that we say, “Best of luck, little buddy. May the road treat you kindly, the beer be cold, and the wind forever be at your back.” You can keep up with all the Roaming Gnome’s future travels on Instagram and Twitter.

Asheville has a “Beer Man”

asheville beer man

When it comes to Asheville, we do not really care about Superman, Spiderman, or Aqua Man. Hell, half the folks don’t even believe in Trojan Man. BUT… the Asheville Beer Man is a Superhero that has come to the rescue of so many craft beer lovers in Western North Carolina. Now, he cannot “leap tall buildings in a single bound;” but witness this guy guzzle a growler and watch him hula hoop! Around this neck of the woods, we do not have the influx of Supervillains that larger cities such as NYC, Los Angeles and Tokyo experience. Yes, Asheville has plenty of Jokers; but you are left laughing your ass off most of the time. It would be kinda cool to have The Hulk stop back by AVL every once in awhile, but the local preservation society claims he does too much damage. Plus, the last time Hulk crashed the drum circle; it cost the City over a million dollars to repair Pritchard Park. Those funds could have been used to feed MY CHILDREN!!

lazoom tours asheville

We thought about starting the “Asheville Guardian Angels” but since crime was at an all time low; the meetings at the brewery got a little tipsy, things that cannot be told happened, and Asheville Beer Man was born of a male virgin. He now roams the streets of Asheville, drinking beer, riding the LaZoom tour bus, and saving the lives of people that have a thirst for everlasting brew. We love you Asheville Beer Man!

Asheville Pubcycle

asheville nc amazing pubcycle

If you have been around downtown Asheville lately, you might have noticed the new Asheville Amazing Pubcycle that is being guide and rode around town by a driver and a bunch of people drinking beer. We were doing some videos last night and got a few clips of them coming up Wall Street. Asheville Beer is brewing in this community! If you are a craft beer lover, this is a great area attraction that you should definitely do!

Beer, Food and Wicked Weed in Asheville NC

beer, food, wicked weed in asheville nc

In Asheville, many of us do business over craft beer and great food. And what better place to do that than at Wicked Weed Brewing?! While looking for a spot to grab a quick lunch and a few tasty brews, this place came to mind and was the perfect fit. Great meeting with Joe from Hometown Value Guide and Bob from Asheville Multimedia.

Asheville Beer and Biz at Appalachian Vinter

asheville beer appalachian vinter

Asheville Beer stores are very popular these days. You have Bruisin Ales which is in downtown Asheville, and then there is Appalachian Vinter in the Biltmore Village area, just a few minutes south. There are plenty of other stores that have great brew selections, but these are the two main Asheville Beer shops in the area. We spent some time at Appalachian Vinter the other day, working with a business partner, having a few brews and a good time in the lounge area.