5 Asheville Rental Car Options

asheville rental cars Renting a car in Asheville seems like a simple choice. There are several places to choose from that offer a wide variety of vehicles with plenty of options. I guess you can say that we have been around the block with car rental companies. We have rented vehicles for everything from traveling, to moving, or while our SUV was in the shop, and even just for fun. Enterprise, Budget, Dollar and Avis became sort of household names for awhile. Some rental places offer great rates with unlimited miles; while others try to “get you” coming and going with fees for just about anything. When traveling, the last thing I need to worry about is how many miles I am driving; so unlimited miles is definitely a perk that I pay attention to. Nissan Asheville Car Rental To rent a car in Asheville North Carolina, you must have a driver’s license, insurance (or pay for their insurance), and be over 21. We found out recently that Anderson Nissan of Asheville now has rental cars, trucks and SUVs available so we are all over that. Nissan makes a great vehicle as it is, we have and had several, but getting to try out all of these new car options is such an experience. Most recently, we rented a red Nissan Altima S, and this vehicle is wonderful. We have used it all around the Asheville area, and for a roadtrip to Charlotte NC the other day. What a ride! I also realized that I cannot live without XM Radio music, as this is one of the features on this specific rental car. I am now going to get it installed on all of our personal vehicles!Asheville Auto Rental Nissan I wanted to rent a 370Z sportscar from Anderson Nissan the other day so I could cruise around the hood alone and in super-speed style, but this is not a rental option at the moment. They do have the Nissan Versa Note, Sentra, Altima, Rogue and Frontier. So I can get sporty in the Altima, tough in the Rogue, or rough with the Frontier pickup truck which can be rented for 4 hours at a time, say you need to move something around town. The Asheville airport is less than 10 minutes away, so when I fly back into town, Rob Smith of Anderson Nissan will be right there waiting for me, with bells on, as I get off the plane.

On the hunt for Asheville Used Cars

Asheville Used Cars at Appalachian Motors - Land Rover

Buying a used car in Asheville, or anywhere for that matter, is a careful matter. This purchase becomes part of your life and everyday living; not to mention.. part of your monthly budget. Just because a vehicle “looks good” does not mean it is functional, dependable or that it will last. Of course some folks say.. “I do not care what it looks like, as long as it runs good.” That sounds noble, but wouldn’t it be great to get the best of both worlds? I am talking about a car, truck or suv that runs decent and looks good. I want that!

Asheville Used Cars at Appalachian Motors - BMW

While out yesterday in Asheville, we stopped by Appalachian Motors on Sardis Rd to look at used vehicles. They are located on the same side of the street as Frank’s Pizza West and WNC Barbell. Now we are not heavily in the market for a used car at the moment, but we were in more of “window shopping” mode, and it was fun!

Asheville Used Cars at Appalachian Motors - Jaguar

While looking at the Land Rover with the mountains behind, I thought about 4-wheelin it up the hill like a madman. Then I saw the BMW. Pulling up in this one would give me that competitive edge on the status scene. Nice small one, one owner, perfect for the area, and I could start screaming things like… BEEMrrrr!! Oh.. then you have the Jaguar, which is BOSS, and I could cruise around town looking like I made it. Love this car! And last but not least, the Mustang. Ohh child, you want to get in one of these, let the top down, and ride off into the sunset. Hi Ho Silver! Or white in this case.

Asheville Used Cars at Appalachian Motors - Mustang

North Asheville – Auto Repair & Mechanic Central

When you say you have been around the block or two with mechanics, I could definitely relate. Having reliable transportation is always a concern in the back of my head. I know, I could ride a bicycle and save the world, but a Maserati sounds more like it.

Have you ever been ripped off by a mechanic? I know my son paid some “Moses” mechanic in Fairview to remove an engine and check it out to repair. Come to find out that the engine was never touched. What about my mom? She was having trouble with her Jeep and took it to a mechanic in Woodfin and he told he she needed an engine and he would do it for $3000. She got upset and drove over to the Exxon Station on Merrimon and her problem was diagnosed, solved and less than $200. It is still running strong today.

As far as I am concerned, I want a company backed by people I can trust. I have been going to 2 mechanics in the Asheville area and they have never let me down. Jimmy Sexton, owner of Jimmy’s Automotive has been in the community for 25 years and has kept a great quality shop all along. I have taken about 5 different types of vehicles there and was always given professional service, estimates and repair. Their customer base is huge and satisfied. I recommend Jimmy’s all the way!

The other Asheville mechanic that I use is Derek Hall of Asheville Diesel and Performance in Woodfin NC, a little north of Beaver Lake. They take care of my full monthly vehicle maintenance. Many of my good friends go here for all of their auto repair needs.

Then we have North Asheville Exxon which my mom loves unconditionally. and Allen’s BP which is her backup. Comment and tell us who you recommend or don’t, and why.

Asheville Used Cars – Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevy, Hyundai

There are plenty of places to get a used car in Asheville North Carolina. Places are popping up and others are going out of business all of the time. But when you are looking for a used car that has been properly inspected, cleaned and that a dealership could put their stamp of approval on; Rob Smith at Anderson Nissan is the place to go.

Nobody likes a lemon. Asheville used cars come in many shapes, situations and forms. Sometimes you get more than what you paid for, sometimes you get a quality car that matches the price you paid, and sometimes you get less that your investment. Living with your mechanic on speed dial is a frustrating life. Not having a dependable vehicle is a huge additional stress for many people and families in the area. Make sure you get the facts and history before investing in a used car in Asheville and anywhere else.

Rob The Car Guy had some used car videos made in Asheville recently.

Used Toyota in Asheville:

Used Honda in Asheville:

Used Ford in Asheville:

Used Chevy in Asheville:

Used Hyundai in Asheville:

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