Asheville’s “Moms” Graffiti Gang, plagued by wannabees?

So the Moms graffiti crew of Asheville North Carolina has been the main street artists since Ishmael left town years ago. Much of their work is “honored” by the graffiti world and has some sort of style or art to it. Then comes some of the other taggers that end up giving the whole graffiti world a really bad taste. Maybe you remember the old movie “Beat Street” that was taken in New York City with many real life stories. They had a graffiti artist named “Spit” and the real graffiti artists despised his vandalism. It even ended up in a couple of deaths.

So now we come back to the Moms graffiti group of Asheville. Are these the same people putting up those big black disgusting tags on I-40 and also on the old Dominoe’s Pizza on Merrimon Avenue? Sometimes crews get tag-alongs that want to do something to get their name out, or do something extremely distasteful for attention. Graffiti is somewhat accepted and will always be around in some sort, but this type of vandalism raises angry residents in Buncombe County. Moms, is this all you and what do you have to say for yourselves? I just know most serious, real graffiti groups despise work like this on Dominoe’s Pizza. Is the market that bad that the crew cannot even afford to purchase some colors and produce real “street art” anymore? What’s going on?

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Phil Mechanic Studios – River Arts Heaven in Asheville

A Home for Art and Science:

The art galleries in Phil Mechanic Studios are open dailyand visitors wanting just to peruse the private collection are always welcome. Hours of Operation are Tuesday – Saturday 10AM – 4PM Contact is Jolene Mechanic 828.254.2166 (Hey Jodi! She is such a cool and good person)

Pump Gallery is located in the Phil Mechanic Studios building at 109 Roberts Street, in Asheville’s River Arts District, 28801. For more information, call 828-254-2166.
The Flood Gallery Fine Art Center on the 2nd level is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to promoting the arts in Asheville through the exhibition of established and emerging artists from all over the world. Through artist-residency programs, public events and workshops, and educational activities, Flood Gallery seeks to make art a vital and important part of life in Asheville. Flood Gallery Fine Art Center programming is made possible through the generous support of the Dan Lucas Memorial Fund of the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina.
They have about 24 studios in the whole building and 4 space that have just been newly renovated and are now available.
Blue Ridge BioFuels occupies the lower level of this building.