Asheville Arrest off Merrimon Avenue, Asheville’s Worst Street

Saw three APD police cars next to GreenLife off of Merrimon Avenue. This street is the “shortcut” when walking from Merrimon Ave to Broadway Ave. This strip right here used to be one of the worst streets in Asheville. Prostitution on this sidewalk and in the bushes, drugs, robberies, and anything else you can think of. GreenLife grocery came in and produced a lot of traffic, the Asheville Police regularly patrolled, and this block cleaned up. Then on the right, a little behind me, is the new Pioneer Building which is building #1 of the new 5 Points Village that Mr. Kevin Kerr and his inspired team have been planning on for years. Now, the history of this street is exactly that… History. The future of this street is very bright. This place is exploding and every inch will soon be accounted for. At least 6 more nice development spots right around this little village in Downtown Asheville, and that is besides the 5 Points property. and

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