Asheville area music producer asks: “What do you love?”

The Asheville electronic music scene has been growing and growing in the Asheville area each year.  Actually, Asheville was recently rated the #1 Small City for Art, and the art coming out of this city is consistently great.
One such Asheville-native electronic music producer is Danny Peck, and he develops music under the moniker “dep.”  His music is one part film score, one part glitchy electronic beats, and one part ambient, down-tempo groove, and he has been dropping albums at a steady pace on his website, since 2005.
His forthcoming new album is titled “Start Loving the Robots,” and is set for release this summer.  In preparation for the release, dep is performing an experiment that he’s dubbed “The I Love____ Global Collaboration Project” where he’s asking individuals to phone in to his automated phone line and leave a short message telling him what they love.  From “I love strawberries,” to “I love my mom and dad,” the calls have been flowing in, and dep promises that the best 150 entries will be mixed in to one of his tracks on the new album and sent a free copy as well!
dep is hitting the streets of Asheville as well, asking random individuals what it is they love and recording their responses.  If he records you, your voice will appear on this forthcoming release and you’ll receive a free copy of the album as well.
To participate roll over to dep’s website and follow the instructions to send in your response today!

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