Asheville Area Halloween Season! 5 Places To Check Out

asheville halloween

Asheville kind of thinks of Halloween as a national holiday. When you think about it; there is not a time when dressing up in a costume is not acceptable. You can come to Asheville any time of the year and catch people in their favorite Superhero outfit. But around this time of the year, just about everyone gets involved. Costumes, candy, fall festivals, trick or treating and lots of fun! Wait until you see my costume!

Lots of folks are asking what to do during the Halloween Month in Asheville and Western North Carolina. Here are a few options:

1. Haunted Asheville – Joshua P. Warren will take you on a ghost hunt tour of the area!

2. Pinhead’s Graveyard in Canton NC – Meet the real Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 this year at the graveyard!

3. The Haunted Farm in Hendersonville NC – The Woods, Farm and Haunted Hayride around the legend of the Livelys and the Tates!

4. LaZoom Haunted Comedy Bus Tour of Asheville NC – A funny and scary haunted tour all in one!

5. Ghost Hunters of Asheville NC – Several haunted touring options in the area for you to choose from!

Who would have thought that terror could be this much fun?!!

2 thoughts on “Asheville Area Halloween Season! 5 Places To Check Out

  1. Thank you for featuring Pinhead’s Graveyard in your blog! Can’t wait to see you in the graveyard this year! – Otis

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