Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

The old Asheville Chamber of Commerce looked pretty good, but then this one popped up on this old restaurant spot in downtown Asheville. I heard when they dug up the footings of the old place for this building, they found bones and everything buried deep in the dirt.

The Asheville Chamber has been very effective in putting together programs to benefit the Asheville community and Western North Carolina. They had an Internet Technology Council years ago and tried to implement the “Starfish” mentality with other professionals in the area. Do not know exactly what happened to that. The last thing I heard is that they got direct flights from Asheville to NYC and several other locations from one of the Major Airline Carriers.

Then they have a colorful vibrant marketing face called Explore Asheville that is a local resource guide for the Asheville area. We were actually doing a poll recently and comparing it with another great site in the area called Asheville Now. Check both of them out and comment what you think is the better site, haha.

So here is the “new” (3 years old) Asheville Chamber of Commerce. Beverly-Grant Construction of Asheville built this structure and it was about $1 million over budget, and rumor is because of a irresponsible construction superintendent that was playing on the internet in the work trailer while the job schedule and budget was being blown to smitherines. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, hopefully better.

The Chamber is a wonderful place to network with local businesses and if you have the time to get involved, it is well worth it. Members Only is their undertone and they run a tight eventful network circle in Asheville NC.

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