Asheville Architect Needs Your Vote!

A big thanks to all of you that have voted for me. Because of you, we are in a strong 9th place and in position to gain a few in the last few days. If you voted and did not receive a return message from Free Green who’s next contest, your vote may not have registered. You will have to go back and re-vote, (see link below) and confirm your vote in your in-box or spam box for the vote to count. If you are uncertain whether you confirmed your vote, just re-vote and it will tell you if you voted.
Asheville and everyone… If you are considering sharing this with friends, family and co-workers… NOW would be the time. Voting for round one ends Thursday, March 18th. Again thanks for your time, support and patience. -Daryl
Daryl S. Rantis, Architects, P.A. 828.257.2998
Also, please see my latest video talking about E. Fay Jones, Helmut Jahn and Frank Lloyd Wright on

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