Asheville Appearances Salon & Spa

Finding a professional when it comes to cutting hair is not easy in Asheville. There are so so many options around here. Just like most other things, you want someone that cares about their career and clients. Whether it is a mechanic, restaurant, or even a “hair salon”; I want a pro. Stephen at Appearances Salon is that one for me. Visit Stephen at or

Stephen also mentioned that he does fascials, make-up, as well as full beauty consultation. We are talking about a complete makeover here! Well, maybe he won’t pick your new car out… but he will give you a new outlook on taking care of yourself, and will definitely give others a new “inlook” when they see you. Looking for an new image? Whether you are a man or a woman… now you know who to call. They are located in the Woodfin area of North Asheville. If you get off on the New Bridge Exit, and go down to Merrimon Avenue, make a left, and they are the first shop on the right in the same center as Bellagio’s Bistro.

*Stephen is also looking for an investor to expand operations in Asheville North Carolina. If you are interested, please email him personally at

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