Asheville Apartments by Colonial Properties

I was talking to Andrea, the manager of Pinnacle Ridge, an apartment and townhouse property in North Asheville and she mentioned how they “bring the community to a level where folks are at home and proud to live here.” Andrea Wright is originally from Indianapolis has been with Colonial Properties for 3 years. She talked about how she has never had to evict a tenant, a great upgrade from her previous property which had an eviction rate of about 30 a month. “The residents are fantastic here in Asheville” is how she described the people who live in Pinnacle Ridge by Colonial Properties.

Pinnacle Ridge is a 64 year old property which started as farmland and then became Edgewood Apartments during the early years. Colonial is known as a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) publicly traded so anyone can be an owner. CLP on the New York Stock Exchange. Colonial Properties has 183 property options and growing. 20 of them are in the Charlotte NC area, and Pinnacle Ridge is the only one of their properties in Asheville.

Andrea said their hot points are that they are the most affordable apartments in the downtown Asheville area. Pinnacle Ridge is a 5 minute drive from downtown. Major stores are within 1 mile of the property. There is a CVS Pharmacy and Atlanta Bread Company on the corner. Ingles Market and Fresh Market are nearby. Harris Teeter and Trader Joe’s are the newest addition to this list. Although they are a mixed community with couples, families, singles etc; they were the top recommended housing for UNCA students. Some of their tenants have been there 30+ years. Service Technician Joe Johnson has been there 16 years, and Erik Larssen has been there for 9 years.

I lived at Pinnacle Ridge in Asheville NC for awhile and the community is great. North Asheville is so much closer than South to downtown is. Check out the Colonial Properties – Pinnacle Ridge website or call them at 866-429-1198.

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