Asheville and NC Human Trafficking

TEARS OF COLOR in Asheville
Human Trafficking is a global phenomenon. It is the fastest growing crime in the world! There are currently over 27 million people enslaved today and 80% of them are female. The victims are young as 4 years old and on average 14.
Human Trafficking is when a person is being exploited for their services including domestic and sex slavery. Most often girls are trafficked across borders, lured into the sex trade by a false job opportunity and upon their arrival, passports and documents are taken from them. These women are held against their will and forced to service up to 40 men a day.
North Carolina is a prime location for human trafficking!
This is why Tears of Color has been launched. This is an initiative by locals in the community of Asheville who want to do something about this horrific injustice using their creativity and art.
The evening benefit is designed to stimulate, educate and inspire using high quality multimedia, music, dance and art.
This is also an opportunity for you, the individual, to raise your hand to make a difference. You can submit your artwork, purchase tickets and artworks at the gallery or simply donate.
Everyone has a part to play.
The proceeds will be going to our local shelter for survivors of human trafficking; the Hope House and our global initiative; The A21Campaign. Join us for an evening you will never forget!
Orange Peel / May 7, 2010 / $15 / DOORS open @ 6

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