Asheville Alice in Wonderland Jr 7/17/09

Alice in Wonderland, Jr. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland – presented by the Asheville Arts Center

The Asheville Arts Center on Friday Jul 17 from 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm at Isaac Dickson Elementary on 125 Hill Street

Contact Info: 8282534000 Email:

Friday, July 17 at 3 PM & 7 PM at Isaac Dickson.

Join Alice's madcap adventures in Wonderland as she chases the White Rabbit, races the Dodo Bird, gets tied up with the Tweedles, raps with bubble-blowing Caterpillar and beats the Queen of Hearts at her own game! This fast-paced stage adaptation of Alice in Wonderland features updated dialogue and new arrangements of such classic Disney songs as "I'm Late," "The Un-birthday Song" and "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah!" The Asheville Arts Center's summer show, Alice in Wonderland, Jr. promises to be an absolute delight.

Cast for Alice in Wonderland, Jr.: Mathilda – Sawyer Britton, Alice – Brianna Birchett, Chesire Cat 1 – Emma Kussrow, Chesire Cat 2 – Molly Knick, Chesire Cat 3 – Jasmine Holt, White Rabbit – Mary Claire Fagan, Doorknob – Leila Zefri, Small Alice – Sarah Plaut, Tall Alice – Willow Lanier, Dodo Bird – Gracie Turner, Tweedle Dee – Sam Mycroft, Tweedle Dum – Jacob Smith, Rose – Kelsey Woody, Lily – Hannah Grady, Daisy – Aislin Thompson, Violet – Catherine Shulby, Petunia – Katherine Calhoun, Caterpillar – Wolfe Lanier, March Hare – Tim Bates, Mad Hatter – Lochlan Belford, Dormouse – Eve Whitman, Ace of Hearts – Lincoln Belford, Two of Hearts – Justin Nemon, Three of Hearts – Sawyer Taylor-Arnold, King of Hearts – Christian Breese, Queen of Hearts – Meredith Matsakis

Rock Lobsters: Lincoln Belford, Natalie Benson-Greer, Hailey Glover, Clay Harwood, Justin Nemon, Charlene Powers, Sawyer Taylor-Arnold, Leila Zefri

Creatures: Liza Constable, Teagan Hill, Tessa Hill, Lily Merrill, Bella Mohrman, Hannah Plaut, Colin Scott, Eve Whitman

Flowers: Lily Bates, Chrissie Champ, Xena Jaffe, Ana Lechman, Isabella Paredes, Camille Powers, Grace Squires

Caterpillar Body: Lincoln Belford, Natalie Benson-Greer, Clay Harwood, Sawyer Taylor-Arnold

Royal Cards: Lily Bates, Natalie Benson-Greer, Sawyer Britton, Chrissie Champ, Liza Constable, Hailey Glover, Clay Harwood, Teagan Hill, Tessa Hill, Xena Jaffe, Ana Lechman, Lily Merrill, Bella Mohrman, Isabella Paredes, Hannah Plaut, Camille Powers, Charlene Powers, Colin Scott, Grace Squires, Eve Whitman, Leila Zefri

Production Team for Alice in Wonderland, Jr: Producer/Director – Danelle Cauley, Music Director – Kurt Campbell, Choreographer – Heidi Kulas, Assistant Director/Stage Manager – Annie Benson-Greer, Teaching Assistant – Daniel Moore, Assistant to the Choreographer – Mary Katherine O'Donnell, Set and Costume Concept – Danelle Cauley, Set Construction – Chip Davis,

Special Thanks To: Marty Cauley, Carly Crawford, Eliza Harris, Leigh Benson-Greer, Karen O'Donnell-Brown, Rob Berls, and all of the parents/volunteers!

Director's Note: I can't think of a better way to finish my time at the Asheville Arts Center than putting this production together! In a way it has been like my own trip to Wonderland as I have had the opportunity to work with a great artistic team with Kurt and Heidi and a great set of teenage assistants (Annie, Daniel, and Mary Katherine) to help complete this incredible undertaking. Now add 44 of the most talented and enjoyable students that I have ever had the pleasure to gather in one cast and you've got the perfect recipe for a fabulous experience. These students gave up two full weeks of summer vacation coming in M-F 9-3 in order to create this spectacular show. Sit back and let us take you to Wonderland…

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